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Amazon Advertising Services

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Accelerate your growth with Amazon PPC and DSP management.

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No matter who your customers are, one thing is clear: they’re already buying, browsing, and researching on Amazon. Customers on Amazon are ready to buy, and your marketing strategies need to target them at the right place and time.

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Client Words We selected Media.Monks from a group of their peers and couldn't be happier with the choice. Their command of the Amazon platform is second to none.
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AJ Purpura

Senior Key Accounts Manager

Start growing your ecommerce business with Amazon advertising.


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  1. Advertising on Amazon • Retail readiness is critical to building long-term, sustainable growth on the platform. Strategic Amazon advertising drives the most qualified traffic and unlocks holistic brand growth.

  2. Amazon Sponsored Advertising (PPC)


    We take an organic-first approach to Amazon Sponsored Advertising and work with you to develop product level keyword strategies to grow topline sales and create long-term momentum.

  3. Amazon Display Advertising (DSP)


    We craft custom media plans focused on leveraging DSP's rich audience, inventory and ad type capabilities while ensuring cohesion with Sponsored Ads.

  4. Reporting & Dashboards

    Our easy-to-access dashboards measure paid media's impact on organic search results, as well as the overall business, to better understand the true value of your investment.

  5. Amazon Ad Budgeting & Forecasting

    Whether planning media investments at a brand, product or keyword level, we have you covered. We take a holistic approach to budget forecasting, ensuring both paid and organic impacts are considered.

  6. Find out more about our Amazon advertising services.

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This is how we helped Reebok launch on Amazon

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Case Study

Amazon Sponsored AdvertisingFacing relentless competition on Amazon, we helped Reebok turn the tide with a restructured PPC strategy that resulted in a 106% increase in month-one sales.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI