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Forrester Names MediaMonks Among Agencies to Supercharge Your Marketing

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Forrester Names MediaMonks Among Agencies to Supercharge Your Marketing

MediaMonks was recently included in the   Forrester report, “Supercharge Your Marketing with Creatively Focused Digital Agencies” by Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall. Noting the imperative to seamlessly integrate creative and technology in the Age of the Customer, Pattisall includes us as one of their ten agencies they’re watching:

“[MediaMonks] combines a crafted approach to content with technology, data, and production scale that results in volumes of creative communication, experiences, and social content customized for the channel format,” writes Pattisall. “MediaMonks’ capacity to scale across programmatic, retail, and owned channels comes from the agency’s efficient approach that focuses on cost per asset, rather than cost per project.”

Forrester is a leading market research firm providing research-backed insights on technology’s impact on brands and consumers. The report homes in on the challenge of integrating digital experiences seamlessly within an environment in which they have mostly begun to look the same. Brands can overcome such concerns by working with partners who understand the need to deliver on a total brand experience.

Ready to supercharge your marketing? So are we.

Monk Thoughts [MediaMonks] combines a crafted approach to content with technology, data, and production scale...

In fact, another recent report, The Forrester Wave™: Global Digital Experience Agencies, Q4 2019 offers a benchmark on the types of criteria modern brands must consider when selecting a creative partner. “Digital experiences have risen to the level of strategic imperative, and experience-led transformation has become the mission for any digital business,” writes VP and Principal Analyst Ted Schadler in the report. But business transformation is an immense initiative to undertake, requiring brands today to carefully consider how potential partners take a diverse approach to transformation with varying goals, priorities and processes.

Makers for a Medium-Driven World

The secret to our clients’ success lies in a process that combines strategy, media spend and creative, through which we’re able to provide hundreds of bespoke assets from just a couple shoots and fast post-processing. At MediaMonks, this touchpoint service is a cornerstone of our truly collaborative fashion, in which we strive to empower clients through expanding their capabilities and achieve greater value through creative, like developing an asset building platform that streamlines the in-house design of assets and asset approval across teams and markets.

This capability also noted by Forrester in their report on agencies to watch: “Amsterdam-based digital agency MediaMonks produces hundreds of assets during efficiently scaled production shoots to produce hundreds of content and campaign executions, as they did for a campaign promoting a Nestlé/Starbucks instant beverage product.”

Don’t take our word for it. See what Forrester had to say.

A project like the asset building platform mentioned above demonstrates how partnerships in today’s world should go above and beyond the initial ask—and should bolster brands’ flexibility as they seek to develop meaningful experiences for their audiences, no matter where they are. This becomes especially important as audiences spread across channels, and each seek out solutions to their own unique needs. In this respect, we view storytelling as a never-ending personalized path that extends across digital touchpoints within the total brand experience. Achieving as much requires the pairing of innovative tech with best-in-class creative.

For example, an ecosystem tightly connected through value-added personalization can position brands as true partners in their customers’ success. Take the digital ecosystem we built for Weber, for example, which identifies user inflection points as opportunities to inspire users and lead them to improve their grilling skills.

To an audience at this year’s Adobe MAX conference, MediaMonks Founder and Board Member Wesley ter Haar explained how such ecosystems aim to provide meaning and usefulness to consumers throughout their daily lives. “The inflection point is getting someone from a burger to a brisket,” he said. “The moment you start trying more difficult stuff and it fails, it kills your journey as a grilling hero—it changes your landscape as a griller. How can we use content to be assistive to someone using the grill?” A smart partner helps brands consider and roadmap the “yes, and…” content throughout the customer decision journey: the content that meets the user’s immediate need and anticipates their next by pointing them to a successive piece of helpful content.

How to Build Momentum from Zero-to-One

The smart, contextual brand ecosystem built with Weber is the result of an experience-led transformation strategy that challenged the brand’s traditional way of communicating with its customers. We shifted focus away from making a hard sell for grills, and instead focused on selling the lifestyle of grilling. The Age of the Customer requires that brands likewise reinvent the way they communicate with customers through experience-led transformation. Recognizing the magnitude of such an initiative, we offer solutions bespoke to each organization and scaled to their size, ensuring anyone can achieve produce more relevant content for any channel or moment with more efficient budgets.

Hero Img

Our integrated production approach offers an efficient process to producing transcreated assets. In this campaign for Philadelphia Cream Cheese, we focused on how different markets enjoyed the product in different ways.

This is the foundation of MediaMonks’ zero-to-one engagements, in which we build momentum by starting with the quick wins that drive impact and gain internal buy-in to ladder up toward long-term goals. With a laser focus on demonstrating results faster, whether it’s efficiency gains or CX improvements, we eliminate steps and silos to do more for less and prioritize accelerated growth for our partners. A lighthouse approach—in which two teams work in parallel, one focused on day-to-day tasks and the other focused on future vision—gives brands the plan and perspective they need to manage large-scale transformation incrementally.

We also employ a method that we call Accountable Agile, where we’re able to earn trust with brands by delivering measured impact faster. By taking the best strategies from processes like agile and SCRUM, we can guarantee the highest quality of product that fits clients’ workstreams and help them. This helps break down the perpetual process of end-to-end transformation or other long-term engagements, ensuring the projects, campaigns and initiatives don’t drag on or lose focus.

A Mindset to Coordinate Strategically and Transparently

MediaMonks is a next-generation partner that combines global offices into a single team under a single P&L, offering a full suite of services without betraying the nimbleness and flexibility that so many organizations require to remain competitive today. As a part of S4Capital, MediaMonks is closely linked to MightyHive, a programmatic solution that empowers brands to take control of their data.

Monk Thoughts The best digital experience agencies operate horizontal practices to create guilds of expertise that they can quickly assemble, integrate, and deploy anywhere in the world.

We rely on close coordination within our network—a global team including platform experts, content connoisseurs, film aficionados and influencer services—offering an end-to-end service that brings data and creative together to facilitate experimentation and optimization. The Forrester Wave report notes that “The best digital experience agencies operate horizontal practices to create guilds of expertise that they can quickly assemble, integrate, and deploy anywhere in the world.”

This is an area where the traditional agency model may struggle, highlighting a strength for agile teams. In a 2018 report, Forrester wrote about how consultancies have excelled in global practices, and where agencies can go further: “When they spot an important new service line, they build a capability practice led by an executive to develop skills, best practices, and assets. Agencies can go further than they have already and move even more employees into practices where they can build their discipline and be ready to join an agile client team at a moment’s notice.”

It’s a similar approach to how we embed ourselves within client workstreams for shared success. This model provides brands with the opportunity to quickly tap into other capabilities and service offerings to push their marketing even further. Emily Del Greco, President of the Americas at MightyHive, said it best: “MediaMonks is about taking the risk, and MightyHive comes quickly with feedback [backed by data.]”

The digital landscape is fractured and continually evolving in tectonic shifts—and the onus falls on brands to put those pieces back together into a seamless, integrated and cohesive customer journey. By offering transparent end-to-end partnerships and accountability through client success, we put into practice the next-generation creative partnership that we envision as being so necessary today.


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