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Interview: MediaMonks Cannes Jurors Give Their Verdict on Creative

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Excitement is drumming up for Cannes next week, and our Monks are attending in both judges’ robes and diplomatic attire.

MediaMonks Founder and COO Wesley ter Haar will help identify the year’s most ground-breaking work on the Titanium Lions judging panel, while Digital Creative Director Sophie te Pas will serve on the Mobile Lions Jury. We spoke to both about their experiences and insights as jurors, but not without getting a sneak peek at what to expect from this year’s diplomatically themed MassiveMusicxMediaMonks party: the MMMMbassy, where creatives will be recognized as diplomats from unique, new nations.

Wesley ter Haar, MediaMonks Founder and Titanium Lions Juror

Which trends are defining the Titanium Lions this year?

Titanium is an interesting mix. We’re looking for great work (duh), but what all Titanium contenders must have is a certain unique element — one that makes them both hard to categorize or to forget — that shows the industry the way forward. So yeah, simple stuff.

Trend-wise, we’ll see. More than most categories, I think Titanium will see robust discussion in the room help shape the outcome.

Which metrics wow you in a case study, and which ones don’t?

In my mind, metrics don’t make a winner — great work does. But metrics can definitely limit how far a case will go. In the end, you’re looking for a great idea, a concept that’s been executed to perfection, at scale and with real-world impact. In that specific order.

Monk Thoughts All Titanium contenders have an element making them both hard to categorize or forget, showing the industry the way forward.

Which cases are going to collect more Titanium Lions than ever?

Ah, not getting tricked into that one! Cannes’ jury guidelines might be lengthy, but I know better than to share info on potential winners.

You’re visiting the MMMMbassy this year. Which fellow representatives are you looking forward to meeting most?

For me, this is all about celebrating and commiserating with our clients and colleagues depending on the results of the week. It’s also a great place to run into random friends and frenemies for a beer and a high-five.

Lastly, when have you ever wished you had diplomatic immunity to do whatever you wanted to do?

My only reason for diplomatic immunity is to get to use the special lane at the airports… imagine the time saved.

Sophie te Pas, Digital Creative Director and Juror of Mobile Lions

What does it mean to you to be a jury member for Cannes?

We all know perfectly well how much blood, sweat and tears go into creating and producing a digital campaign. Wanting to respect that, I definitely feel the weight of the responsibility that comes with the job (insert Uncle Ben meme). But that doesn’t stop me from feeling incredibly proud to judge the world’s best work with some of the industry’s most innovative minds.

Which campaigns are going to collect more Mobile Lions than ever this year?

I can’t name names, but I believe in campaigns that serve a purpose, manage to connect with the brand, have meaning and put the consumer first by using technology to enhance the user experience rather than making use of it to win awards. Creating a good campaign takes courage and bravery from everyone involved.

What do you expect to learn from judging?

As a creative on several MassiveMusic x MediaMonks parties of festivals past, I’ve seen my fair share of promenades and parties. But this year, attending Cannes as a juror, it’s different. What I’m looking forward to the most is sharing passionate discussions about the work and gathering insights and different perspectives from my fellow judges’ creative minds.

Monk Thoughts I believe in campaigns that serve a purpose, have meaning and put the consumer first by enhancing the user experience.

You’re visiting the MMMMbassy this year. Which fellow diplomats are you looking forward to meeting?

For me, the party is less about meeting high-profiled peers, and more about those completely irrational, passionate stories with beautiful strangers and pulling some awkward dance moves for the greater good. Plus, if you’re not just in it for Insta-fame, you’re a winner in my book.

Lastly, when have you ever wished you had diplomatic immunity to do whatever you wanted?

Free Your MMMMind. I faintly remember wishing for a helicopter to pick me up and transport me to a nearby rooftop pool the day after.


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