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A Look Inside Our Safe, Sanitized Shoot Studio

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Una Mirada al Interior de Nuestro Estudio Seguro y Desinfectado

While it might feel as though the world has come to a standstill in some ways, things are moving faster than ever in others. It’s been only a week and a half since our previous post about seamlessly continuing production in a world changed by COVID-19, but in the interim our film and production team has put incredible effort into developing a safe shooting space for content production—retaining the same level of quality you would expect from a traditional shoot.

Housed in our Amsterdam office, our in-house production studios have been set up to comply within safety standards by keeping members of a lean crew team at least 1.5 meters apart. Other members of the production (such as the director or brand team) observe either from another room or from a remote location via livestream.

This is made possible through an automated shooting process, aided by the use of robocams that have long been used in our tabletop and food-focused content. By consolidating every step of production under one roof—including creative, scriptwriting, treatments, pre-production, set builders to studio crew and postproduction—or remote, the process mitigates risk and places brands within a safe set of (washed) hands.

In Considering New Solutions, Strategize Around Your Output

While it’s reassuring that brands can still achieve a high-quality standard of filmmaking, this moment serves as a good time to stop and reflect on previous production strategies. Might any of the changes they make today carry into the long term? “We’re seeing that you can still do things without the elaborate components, or travel, craft services,” MediaMonks Founder Wesley ter Haar told audiences in APR’s Virtual Town Square webinar. “it’s all a bit scrappier—as a culture, we’ll probably be a lot more mindful about our impact on the world and how we manage to get through this.”

As culture continues to shift toward digital at an unprecedented rate, brands can begin honing their content strategies by first considering what the ideal output should be. For example, ter Haar notes that brands view conversion-based content as a high priority to fill, with a need to develop that content faster and at a greater value.

Monk Thoughts As a culture, we’ll probably be a lot more mindful about our impact on the world and how we manage to get through this.

But consumer needs are also shifting, whether it be aesthetic sensibilities informed by memes and independent content creators or the emergence of new digital behaviors. “There are numerous ways to shift efforts from traditional production,” says ter Haar. “Instead of doing a traditional shoot with 80 people, why not have 80 people do their own shoot?” This twist on shooting style opens up interesting, new opportunities for content, like partnering with influencers or exploring a single theme through different viewpoints.

Find Creative Opportunity Through Constraint

As brands continue to consider the changes they should make to production strategies right now, they should also keep an eye on the future. How can constraints that exist today help us all achieve even better ways of working tomorrow? Ter Haar compares new production strategies with the shift that businesses have already taken by working from home. “While it’s been relatively easy for us to switch to working from home because we’re a global organization, it’s also nice to see that things that felt like they could only work in person are perfectly fine to do in a digital manner.”

This observation drives home the sentiment that while the speed at which the landscape has changed may have overwhelmed some teams, it presents an opportunity to develop new creative solutions—for example, cutting travel costs or becoming less reliant on gathering large teams within a single location. By working with brands to understand and delivering on needs as they emerge, we’ll emerge from this situation stronger than ever.

There are more opportunities to reassess your marketing and production strategies.


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