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For Media.Monks, AI Isn’t a Pivot—it’s Our Reason for Being

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Wesley ter Haar
Co-CEO, Content

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There’s seemingly no limit to what artificial intelligence can do—and if you can find one, it will probably be overcome soon. A year after GitHub launched its Copilot tool, 40% of code has been made using AI in files where the feature is enabled. Google’s Performance Max campaigns apply machine learning to automatically create and deliver customized ads optimized for customers across channels. Everywhere you look, artificial intelligence is disrupting our industry, extending across the realms of creative content, data and digital media, and tech services alike.

It’s true that we’re at the peak of the hype cycle with AI, particularly generative AI. But this disruption is a significant one, one that has become a make-or-break moment for many in our industry. 

We’re not just bullish on AI; as a change agent in our industry, it makes our model inevitable. Automation has played a great role in helping us scale up our business and outmaneuver our more traditional peers since day one. Meanwhile, today’s rapid evolution of AI is reshaping the nature of the brand-agency in real time, along with how brands themselves can go to market. Winning in the new era requires a willingness to embrace all that AI has to offer.

Prior to the hype, generative AI sprung onto the scene about four years ago, and our innovation team quickly began to experiment with it by training our own models. One turned lines and doodles into foliage; another neural animation tool created original dance choreography based on simple input like stick figures. More recently, we made an entire short film with the help of AI at every step of the production process. These experimental prototypes anticipated a future in which AI would open a new world of creative possibilities—that future is now.

But AI will have other, far-reaching potential across our industry as brands set out on new paths to growth beyond just content creation; its rapid development signals the start of truly personalized digital experiences. Cookies are crumbling, and brands have taken that as a cue to recognize the people behind the numbers and provide a better value exchange for their data. Yet the tools that marketers have historically relied on have always failed to turn the ideal of 1:1 marketing across the customer journey into a reality. AI finally unlocks that ability—across content, data and digital media, and tech services—to build and deliver hyper-personalized, highly empathetic customer journeys at scale, and fast.

Some are wary of these tools, focused on the balance between augmenting human ability versus replacing it. That’s a noble and important conversation to have. But automation has always been crucial to the growth of our team, and we are confident AI will continue to lead to more and greater work for our people. As a tech-agnostic team of makers, one that has already enthusiastically adopted these tools across every part of our business, we are the best positioned to take advantage of the abundance AI enables.

2D metaverse of showing media.monks hackathon in Workato

A bird's-eye perspective of, a 2D metaverse. It served as the location for our recent hackathon, conducted in partnership with automation solutions platform Workato.

There are incredible opportunities on horizon: making more with less, making marketing intelligence more intelligent, or even driving new value to intellectual property through the training of owned AI systems. Each possibility will challenge the role of a creative, data and digital media, or tech services partner to evolve—lest they be surpassed by any number of new startups and cottage industries that have cropped up designed around AI. We don’t shy away from the challenge; we’re poised and ready to lead in the disruption, because that’s what we’ve always been built to do.


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