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MediaMonks x Dare.Win: A Daring Duo

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MediaMonks x Dare.Win: A Daring Duo

Our team is growing–today we’re welcoming Dare.Win, an entertainment agency based in Paris and Berlin, into the hallowed halls of our monastery. Founded by Wale Gbadamosi-Oyekanmi, Dare.Win is dedicated to building culture through engaging creative and entertainment content.

We’re excited to connect with Dare.Win’s diverse team and lean on their support in bringing a new, flexible model to brands in France—an important market—and offering stronger support to our shared clients there. With Dare.Win’s strong foundation of clients in entertainment and technology, we look forward to working together to find new ways to innovate and drive impact across the customer decision journey.

A Team You Can Bet On

Like MediaMonks, Dare.Win’s team is focused on creating next-generation experiences that build lasting effect. This is reflected in its team culture as well as in its work: while we close deals in Fortnite, Dare.Win has interviewed candidates on the platform, highlighting just how intertwined digital platforms have become in the ways we connect, play and collaborate with one another.

When it comes to consumer-facing experiences, Dare.Win is adept at taking a fit-for-purpose approach that builds on platform features and user behaviors to deliver rich, resonant experiences. Their Meet Vermeer campaign, which lived in the Google Arts & Culture’s Instagram stories, is a great example of this: it invited users to take a screenshot of drawings based on the Dutch master’s work, which they could then color in, remix and share to their delight. The campaign shows how creativity and technology intersect to infuse new relevance for consumers.

Giving People What They Want

The work mentioned above also showcases how important it is today to build relevant content that audiences actually want to consume and take part in. Dare.Win nourishes culture, not adblockers—and we ourselves have railed against the annoying, intrusive content that brings personalized panic to consumers in the form of banner ads that seemingly follow you everywhere.

Monk Thoughts We all have the same passion for ideas: ones that will evoke emotion through cool, insightful and innovative content.

Instead, we’ll advocate for original storytelling and experiences that help users and stand on their own legs. “The way we think about creating here is simple: we are the generation that uses an ad-blocker, the generation that can create the same stories we want to see, like, comment and share,” says Fabienne Fiorucci, Creative Director at Dare.Win. “We all have the same passion for ideas: the ones that will evoke emotion through cool, insightful and innovative content—the ones that people will actively seek out and enjoy.”

With an extensive client base of entertainment brands and digital platform partnerships, Dare.Win knows what resonates with audiences. “Backed by ambitious talent, a strong culture and diverse team, and coupled with its pursuit to create impactful, entertaining work that audiences actually look forward to, it’s a great fit,” says MediaMonks CEO Victor Knapp. Through our recent signing with talent agency CAA and with our influencer activation team IMA, Dare.Win’s team adds to our ability to heighten the cultural relevance of creative digital experiences for brands across platforms and borders.

Sustaining Culture and Redefining Relevance

Throughout 2020, brands have been forced to confront preconceived notions that drove their marketing and production strategies throughout the decade before. A reliance on the traditional big idea resulted in gaps in the consumer journey, making it tough for many brands to adapt to the digital-first environment we find ourselves in today.

“The greatest trick traditional agencies have played on marketers is hiding behind the principle of the big idea,” says MediaMonks founder Wesley ter Haar, arguing that most traditional work doesn’t make the big impact needed to be called a “big idea.” Big ideas should drive user behavior and influence culture in significant ways, and brands can achieve this by populating consumer journeys with bespoke experiences.

Monk Thoughts Backed by ambitious talent, a strong culture and diverse team, Dare.Win is a great fit.
Victor Knapp

“Dare.Win has a pulse that beats in tune with society’s. This resonates throughout our campaigns which are rooted in culture, values, and references shared by a whole generation,” says Gbadamosi-Oyekanmi. “Culture is the missing link between users, behavior and brands. That can actually help superpose the performance of the content you produce by making it interesting and relevant to the conversation that users have in mind.”

Brands are looking for ways to break out of the traditional mold and find innovative ways to bring value to consumers. Together, Dare.Win and MediaMonks are primed to help fast-moving digital brands deliver at speed and scale by redefining emotional resonance for a new age by placing special focus on entertaining original content that today’s audiences demand.


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