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Future-Proof Your Brand With The Transformation of Digital Report

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Virtualization Is the New Era

Autonomous selfie drones, virtual influencers, hybrid subcultures and shoppable channels where people converse and convert… Life in digital has launched an explosion of novel consumer behaviors and new expectations for highly tailored, socially conscious experiences. The potential of emerging technologies, met with consumer-driven ingenuity, has given way to the transformation of digital and the dawn of a new era: virtualization, the new frontier for business growth.


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  • Understanding how virtualization is redefining experience, community, ownership and identity.
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  • Navigating new ethical standards and a transformed privacy paradigm that will vet virtual-first brands.

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Enter the New Frontier for Business Growth

Virtualization is the transformation of digital: a set of new audience behaviors, cultural norms and technology paradigms resulting from 30 years of digital transformation, hyper-accelerated over the past five years. It follows previous eras of globalization and digital transformation. While digital transformation now focuses on the pipes and plumbing to connect digital touch points, virtualization concerns the experience layer on top of a brand’s digital investments. In the overlap of new consumer engagement and the possibilities of tech transformation, new business models are emerging to better support digital-native audiences and accelerate growth.

Monk Thoughts New technology and new expectations together become a new frontier for growth. And growth means new revenue, new audiences, and a new way of working.
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Virtualization Is Launching New, Lasting Legacies

The traditional customer acquisition model is over saturated and highly competitive, yet virtualization is a white space that provides room for early movers to outcompete. At the same time, it’s essential we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past as new ethical standards take hold. Through innovative ways of creating community, meaning, and value, virtualization is a new canvas to engage in culture upon which brands can mint their legacies, fuel longevity and define a new era.

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Begin Your Virtualization Journey Now

We’re already partnering with the world’s most valued brands to drive incredible growth through virtualization, and we can help you do the same. Connect with us to explore the emerging consumer behaviors of the virtualized era, the influences that shape them, and how you can learn from them to better connect with your audiences.


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