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Welcome 4 Mile, Building Custom Data Experiences That Meet Business Objectives

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The year may have just begun, but we already have exciting news to share. Today, we’re welcoming a new addition to the company: 4 Mile Analytics. 4 Mile is a full-service data consultancy that specializes in custom data experiences. Their expertise lies in helping brands drive better decision-making through best-in-class data analytics, engineering, UX design and product management—and more colloquially, the team is regarded as the go-to partner for Looker, a favored enterprise platform for business intelligence.



The team is led by Nick Fogler, Founder and CEO; and Sam Baron, COO. Founded in 2017, 4 Mile’s relationship with Looker runs deep: Fogler previously led Looker’s engineering team and supported the company’s transition into a larger-scale enterprise before founding his own. Since then, 4 Mile has supported some of the biggest brands to accelerate their strategic initiatives.

The Rising Need to Translate Analytics into Action

As brands transition away from third-party data to first, much has been said about effective data collection—but that’s only half the battle. Many brands are already sitting on mountains of data that isn’t actionable, and the value of that siloed or hard-to-access data pales in comparison to its frictionless counterparts. Throw in the fact that data platforms and dashboards are often overly technical and opaque, and it becomes clear that focusing merely on data collection—not its usability—simply isn’t enough.

Realizing this need, Looker has long been a favorite solution by our data and digital media practice. Others agree; Looker is now regarded as a core part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). What makes it special is that teams using the platform can easily integrate data from various sources into intuitive data experiences that are custom-built to their specific requirements. This functionality solves the crucial need of pulling together insights that are accessible and actionable not only to teams in marketing, but also those across the organization.

A Reputation for Excellence 

4 Mile’s significant history and relationship equity with Looker builds upon our own expertise with the platform. Before they worked directly with clients, 4 Mile was hired by Looker as an extension of its product development team. Through this partnership, they developed custom visualizations and third-party integrations in the Looker product code base, deepening their already intimate understanding of the platform. And while 4 Mile’s direct-client relationships continue to grow, solid collaboration with Looker Data Services remains a cornerstone of the business. 

Still, 4 Mile’s proficiency isn’t limited to Looker. By leveraging strong relationships with leading technology platforms like Fivetrain, DBT, Snowflake, Exasol and Keboola, the team has developed a wide breadth of solutions for the modern data stack:

  • Designing and building custom data experiences that blend analytical and operational capabilities.
  • Transforming raw data into business-ready data that allows end-users to explore, curate and take action on data insights.
  • Designing and employing modern data warehouse solutions to support business intelligence.
  • Orchestrating movement of high-volume batch and real-time data across the enterprise.

A Shared Human-Centric Approach

Both Media.Monks and 4 Mile believe that a human-centric approach to technology opens the path to better customer experiences. At the same time, successful data-driven strategies must begin with a strong foundation to build deeper, more meaningful connections with audiences. For 4 Mile, this principle has inspired a people-first mentality—valuing diversity, empathy and respect—that informs the team’s approach to partnership. This includes providing training and documentation to enable internal teams to execute new data solutions, as well as building products that realize specific use cases.

With 4 Mile now a part of our team, their existing clients will gain access to a global community of talent that excels not only in data and digital media, but also content creation and tech services. Meanwhile, Media.Monks clients gain even greater access to a powerful bench of analytics and machine learning experts, providing greater scale, deeper data analysis and more data-driven decision-making. This allows for an even more seamless activation of first-party data, unlocking highly effective and engaging experiences across the customer journey.

Challenges from all ends—government regulation, tech platforms and public sentiment alike—suggest 2022 will be the year in which modern brands must adapt their data strategies once and for all. Together with 4 Mile’s exceptional Looker and GCP expertise, we’re excited to empower brands on their journey to achieve top-line business goals at an even greater velocity.


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