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Amazon Sponsored Advertising • Doubling Reebok’s month-one Sales while reducing ACoS

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An exercise to get PPC in shape.

Reebok is a global fitness brand with a wide catalog of products from athletic to fashion footwear. While the ubiquity of the brand produced ample organic search traffic on Amazon, the storied shoemaker was struggling to gain new customers and fend off competitors due to various structural inefficiencies in their Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy. With a need to defend their brand and reach new Amazon customers, we partnered with Reebok to restructure their Amazon PPC strategy.

A shoe-in sales strategy to meet high-priority goals.

Reebok's primary goal was to drive top-line sales. Together, we designed an advertising strategy to promote best-selling products and other high-priority items that lined up with initiatives Reebok was running both on and off the Amazon platform. By shifting marketing budget toward high-priority items and optimizing high-traffic content first, Reebok was able to lean into their strengths to drive incremental growth. Throughout this process, efficiency was key; because advertising campaigns were organized by specific category type, Reebok could easily swap out products for new priority items without sacrificing keyword relevancy.

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Keeping the pace for long-term success.

On a platform known for disruption like Amazon, it's important for brands of all sizes to get noticed. So while driving sales was always the top goal, we understood the value in building brand awareness. This took shape through several Sponsored Brand campaigns that increased Reebok's share of voice and new-to-brand sales.

Finally, for brands like Reebok who are subject to conquesting on the platform, brand keyword defense is crucial. Instead of starting out with a high number of keywords within their campaigns, Reebok utilized phrase and exact match to strategically add keywords over time as campaign performance grew. Together, these strategies helped carry the footwear icon beyond short-term sales goals and into long-term success.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI