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ComplexLand • An Immersive Virtualization of an Iconic Cultural Festival

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Case Study


Reimagining an icon.

ComplexCon is an institution among youth culture and style icons: a cultural mecca that brings the Complex Networks community and the hottest brands together to celebrate convergence culture. Realizing that trendsetters are increasingly just as interested in their digital identities as their physical ones, we leveraged this insight into new consumer behaviors to design ComplexLand: a free, immersive 3D digital platform featuring exclusive drops, ecommerce features, performances from top-selling artists and unique brand partnerships—the likes of Gucci, Versace, Adidas and more.

Balancing accessibility with exclusive experiences.

While many virtual events try (and sometimes fail) to capture the energy of a crowded room, ComplexLand stands out as a single-player experience focused on global accessibility, community and lots of shoppable merch—a key feature enabled by Shopify’s robust system. By introducing exclusive brand partnerships that make it fun for visitors to shop, the platform has become Complex Network’s second-largest source of revenue, and the ultimate example of how an authentic, entertaining experience can drive sales.

What’s more, it’s far from complex when it comes to usability. The experience is powered by WebGL, meaning attendees can reach the fully realized virtual theme park on both mobile and desktop devices—no app or download required. Part sci-fi treasure hunt and part virtual bazaar, players are free to roam the map and discover musical performances, food deliveries, celebrity panel discussions and screenings—then brag about it with others in a persistent chat room.

Our Craft

A virtual experience that makes shopping easy.

  • An avatar visits the Complex store
  • A bunch of shoppable merch is look through at the Complex store
  • Avatar in Complexland landscape with colorful mountain
  • Avatar in Complexland having a chat with another avatar

A future-proofed partnership.

Striking a meaningful connection of game mechanics and street culture while evoking the festival atmosphere, ComplexLand provides a digital space where people can shape their virtual identities and participate in compelling branded experiences. And just like culture itself, the annual event is in constant evolution. A year after the initial launch of ComplexLand in 2020, its second edition brought even more opportunities for attendees to engage with others in a multiplayer experience, like sharing drops, having one-to-one conversations and even interacting with branded non-playable characters. In its third iteration, we opened the possibility to make NFTs, which creators can use to build their communities and express their creative identity. 

Since the start of our partnership years ago, ComplexLand has grown into a profitable media and retail platform that combines commerce and entertainment. It’s the first of its kind to condense more than 70 brands into one shared virtual experience—allowing the institution to establish new partnerships with the hottest brands driving culture today. All thanks to our joint commitment to leverage the newest Web3 technologies and create a place where people can express themselves and connect with others.

An avatar in ComplexLand
A virtual pair of shoes
Press From the first virtual event in the metaverse in December 2020 came a franchise that the publisher now sees as a permanent addition to its events business. And it’s a potentially lucrative addition at that.
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  • $700,000+ in sales during the 5 days of ComplexLand 1.0
  • Complexland 2.0’s gamified virtual shopping increased sponsorship revenue by 60%
  • Since ComplexLand’s launch, it’s brought 200+ brands to the annual event
  • 2x FWAs

  • 1x The Drum Experience Awards

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