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Diesel x Pronounce: Launch Experience • A High-End Fusion of Two Fashion Philosophies

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Case Study

An experimental exhibition that’s dressed to impress.

Global fashion brand Diesel and Pronounce—the fresh, young Chinese designer label that attained worldwide recognition—collaborated to design a bold collection that uniquely weaves together Chinese fashion with Italian craftsmanship.

Given both brands’ spirit for experimentation, the Diesel x Pronounce collection deserved an enthralling event that highlighted this unique pairing. For the global unveiling in Shanghai, we transformed an empty 700-square-meter basement into a high-end, immersive exhibition that elevated the collection’s concept and art direction through lighting, music and bespoke digital artwork.

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    Sketchbook with designs and pen accompanied with a few photos of exhibit

    Rolling up our sleeves to innovate.

    Rather than just another collection launch, we set out to awe the audience with a visual journey that captivated minds and smartphones alike. A sense of fluidity defined the exhibition space through real-time artworks, including a projection onto a 50-square-meter structure and a mood film projected onto drapes to create the illusion of an indoor waterfall.

    This visually stunning experience evoked both brands’ identities and provided a photo opportunity at every corner, encouraging visitors to share their experience online. Put together in the span of only four weeks, our multidisciplinary team handled every aspect—from space design, content creation and software development to fabrication and construction.

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      • 5,000 exhibit visitors.
      • 7,384 comments, likes and shares combined across social media channels.
      • 13,000 views on WeChat.
      • 1x FWA

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