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People enjoying drinks at a popup bar in new york city
A red box of valentine goodies with rose petals around it

An Experiential Partnership • A Feast of Savory Experiences

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Delivering on brand promise.

DoorDash is among the leading delivery platforms around the world, and the frontrunner in the United States. In addition to the convenience and value the service offers to hungry customers everywhere, a secret to DoorDash’s success lies in its ability to support the businesses people buy from and the Dashers who deliver. As DoorDash’s experiential partner, we’ve teamed up with the brand to host a series of events that reinforce the role the platform plays in connecting each of these users, delivering a series of tasty IRL experiences across the US.

Lights, camera, snack-tion.

To help DoorDash show up for customers in fun and unique ways. In summer 2021, DoorDash rolled out the red carpet for New York City’s return to in-person events. At the Tribeca Film Festival, we made a mashup of the classic NYC deli counter and a movie concession stand. The experience invited movie-goers to take a ticket and act out an iconic movie scene—complete with props and backdrops—in return for a treat. Drawing locals and A-listers alike, the “Take a Scene, Please” activation authentically tapped into the city’s local creative culture and landed DoorDash brand in the limelight and resulted in 150K cumulative impressions on Facebook and Instagram.

A large tunnel with people playing basketball around it
Inside the DoorDash tunnel with people checking out the outdoor event

Fueling competition (and appetites).

2021 was also a comeback for the Brooklyn Nets and their fans. Following the 2021 NBA playoffs, DoorDash brought their A-game to Barclays Center, the Nets’ home court. Fans could make a dramatic entrance through a one-of-a-kind photo op: the DoorDash Tunnel, inspired by the iconic NBA tunnel walk. Complete with smoke, dynamic lighting and an announcer calling their name, the tunnel got visitors in the competitive mindset before practicing their shooting, snagging some gametime swag before the buzzer and getting their heads (and stomachs) into the game through a series of basketball-themed activities.

Our Craft

A delicious blend of sights and sound

  • DoorDash Love Delivered Campaign ad showing Boyz II Men above food
  • A black shirt with Boyz II Men logo and rose petals
  • Boyz II Men singing during a live stream part of the DoorDash campaign
  • End credits from Boys II Men live stream

Delivering the secret ingredient of love.

A key part of DoorDash’s business is supporting its partner restaurants—and their fans. For Valentine’s Day, we helped DoorDash and Shake Shack create Love Delivered: a virtual date-night experience featuring 90s boyband Boyz II Men. Couples sandwiched together on the sofa and singles alike were treated to a sweet night of livestream serenade. Those in New York City and Philadelphia (the band’s hometown) merchandise to mark the occasion—including a scented candle to set a romantic mood. We developed the entire look and feel of the campaign, from concept to the custom merch kit, and managed the livestream on Facebook and Twitch to ensure total experience was as smooth as the band’s soulful ballads.

Shake shack strawberry milkshake
A cheeseburger from Shake Shack
Press Celebrating this year has taken on a new meaning as we look for ways to show our love even if we can't be together in person.
Read on Muse by Clio

Giving a toast to growth.

Over the last year, DoorDash has grown to serve more than just restaurants by expanding into convenience store delivery and offering a wider range of products. To raise awareness that people can purchase alcohol on the platform, we built a collapsible, fully stocked bar that fits in DoorDash’s iconic delivery bag and invited New York to a drink on us. The “Open Bar” pop-up bar was so well received that we took the open bar on the open road to cities around the US.

  • DoorDash delivery on a bike Delivery person setting up a bar on a cobblestone street in new york city
  • Ice being poured into a DoorDash glass Two bartenders pour drinks at the DoorDash event

A full-course obstacle course.

DoorDash has done more than expand its partner businesses: it’s also expanded its fleet of Dashers, including students who want to earn extra cash. At the start of the school season, we toured college campuses to put interested Dashers to the test, challenging them to make their way through the “Dash Course”: a series of food-themed obstacles like running through donut holes, hopping over hotdogs, sliding down pizza slices and more. By enlisting new Dashers across campuses (and building buzz on social channels like TikTok), the activation made the grade.

A person in mid air stretches across the DoorDash obstacle course
A person with a DoorDash delivery bag jumps through hoops in an obstacle course
Monk Thoughts Having a collaboration partner with you through all your events ensures that experiences are tailored to specific audiences and markets while still feeling like a cohesive whole, which builds brand equity.
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