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Fashion Show Livestream Partners • A Virtual Journey for Fashion Lovers

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Uniting fashion lovers on a next-generation digital platform

As Moncler’s interactive broadcast partner, we turned their 2021 Genius Fashion Show into a one-of-a-kind virtual destination for fashionistas everywhere. Working collaboratively with the brand and design agency Villa Eugenie, we conceptualized and engineered a bespoke digital platform that takes users on a journey through five cosmopolitan cities—interwoven with thrilling performances and unique experiences.

A journey of appreciation

To kick off MONDOGENIUS, we invited visitors to create their own boarding pass—which they would later use to visit Moncler’s virtual versions of New York City, Shanghai, Milan, Seoul and Tokyo. Brought to life in a WebGL environment, each interactive world was crafted in a unique visual style, from Milan’s sophisticated chic, to Shanghai’s neon night scene. In virtually recreating these spaces, the platform connected the physical locations where the Genius Fashion Show took place—but turned an exclusive event into an inclusive experience anyone could participate in.

Unprecedented access to an unprecedented event

On show-day, we hosted a live event on YouTube and through our own LiveXP tool, where people could comment and interact with each other. With polls, minigames and more, we turned viewers into participants—offering a truly engaging experience. By opening the door for all people to connect with the brand in new ways, we added a new layer to the concept of fashion shows and amplified Moncler’s reach to more than four million people.

Monk Thoughts To see our teams' creative concept and strategy amplify a 3D digital infrastructure to produce a holistic interactive experience that transcended mobile, social, and web was truly exciting.
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Our Craft

A virtual destination that made a fashion statement.

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