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State of Passion • A film celebrating the women in football—and the girls they inspire

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Case Study

A back-of-the-net winner for football fans.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has long played an essential role in the betterment of women’s football around the world on both the commercial and grassroots levels. These efforts hit a crescendo at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, which marked a momentous shift and milestone in the growth of women’s football—drawing record-breaking broadcast viewership from around the world.

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And as excitement for the sport spread, FIFA carried the momentum by launching a film on International Women’s Day 2021 that celebrated the passion and the spirit of the players.

Embracing the passion of the game.

The fit-for-format film—created by Media.Monks for FIFA and designed for the brand’s social channels—follows a young girl as she trains and practices her technique in a montage that traces her career from dream to reality. A rousing spoken word poem speaks to the role that women athletes play in inspiring the next generation for greatness, while bold animations translate the attitudes and motivations that drive them. Light projections featuring players from Real Madrid Femenino, Chelsea F.C. Women, FC Barcelona Femení and other fan-favorite clubs allowed us to convey this competitive state of mind without the need for pandemic-restricted travel.

Monk Thoughts My role was to make sure we were telling the right story and bringing it to life in the most powerful, emotive, and resonating way.
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A relatable story that made the cut.

While the film speaks directly to the viewers and the professional athletes of women’s football, the fit-for-format spot resonated across the entire football community. “Women’s football represents a great opportunity not only for the values it conveys, but because it allows us to reach different audiences,” said Giuliano Giorgetti, Head of Digital Content at FIFA. “Working with Media.Monks for the creation of this video has allowed us to express our passion for creating increasingly fascinating and innovative digital content.”

Once it was pushed to the FIFA World Cup account’s 20 million followers, the athletes’ inspiring influence was amplified even further. In addition to moving the hearts of fans, the film also scored big with the players themselves—driving reactions and shares among their own followings.

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Client Words Working with [Media.Monks] for the creation of this video has allowed us to express our passion for creating increasingly fascinating and innovative digital content.
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Giuliano Giorgetti

Head of Digital Content, FIFA

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