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High-Performance Ad Creative • Testing Our Way to Content That Scales Sales

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  • 120% increase in view-to-completion
  • 220% increase in click-through rate
  • 44% incremental sales growth (vs control group)

Accelerating output to meet the demand for channel-native content.

As a fast-growing wellness and health brand, Hatch has won the hearts of countless people whose sleeping habits were drastically improved by its Restore smart sleep assistant. But given the need for a constant flow of fit-for-format content, Hatch sought a way to produce and deliver relevant experiences to audiences without losing sleep. Leveraging our insights in creative performance, we partnered with Hatch to help accelerate their creative output and keep up with the growing demand for channel-native content.

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Client Words Our partnership with the Performance.Monks has quickly unlocked additional sales at a lower cost. They've helped accelerate its creative process and launch a robust testing strategy.
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Holly Elliott

Vice President of Growth Marketing, Hatch

Leaning on subject expertise to find areas of improvement together.

Working hand in hand with the brand to feed on each other’s subject expertise, we identified areas of improvement within two main platforms, YouTube and Facebook, as well as other social channels. For YouTube, we developed a series of high-performing 15-second videos powered by fit-for-format imagery, cadence and narrative arcs to tell a deeper story of Hatch Restore, and drive more users to the website. Studying the feedback data and iterating at speed, we ran a series of tests to identify and double down on those who showed the best performance, leading to a 220% increase in click-through rate.

Our Craft

A fit for format approach that restores viewers alike.

The power of animation to influence audiences.

We incorporated animated aspects that drew everyone’s eye and got consumers viewing, swiping and buying. In doing so, we identified that the creatives with the heaviest animation generated a stronger conversion rate, and iterated quickly to improve the CPA. In perfect balance, we brought an out-of-the-box approach to creative production while ensuring the content felt authentic to Hatch’s identity. And above all, we eased the rising pressure on the creative team to deliver at speed. Now packed with learnings to inform future efforts, Hatch can meet larger audiences where they are, and scale their business through data-driven creativity.

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