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Implementation of Google Analytics 360 • En Route to a Clear Vision of Customer Behavior

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    Nissan Thailand

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  • 2.3x higher conversion rate
  • 3x lower cost per acquisition (CPA)
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Connecting touch points for a clear funnel view.

The onset of Covid-19 and consequent lockdowns had left car sales in Thailand declining by 4.2% in 2021, leaving car manufacturers looking deep into how they can better target their audiences and achieve higher conversion rates. Wanting to optimize and gain a full-funnel view of its digital marketing strategy, Nissan Thailand brought our Data.Monks onboard as its data analytics and cloud partner. In order for Nissan to view its customer engagement across multiple touch points online, we implemented Google Analytics 360 and connected media performance from Display & Video 360 and Google Ads.

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In partnership with

  • Nissan Thailand
Client Words The retargeting and prospecting of predictive audiences are more precise and effective. As a result, we became more efficient with our spending, leading to greater cost-saving.
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Narawit Sakhornsaeng

Nissan United Thailand Analytics Manager

Setting the roadmap to predicting audience behavior.

Using an integrated and informed approach, Nissan was able to see how its campaigns performed and could identify opportunities for further campaign optimization, like decreasing cost per key business action and increasing website engagement. We further made user insights more actionable by integrating website interaction data on Google Marketing Platform with car purchase data in Nissan’s CRM. This set the path for us to design, test and automate a predictive machine learning model able to identify propensity to purchase among new website visitors.

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Test driving predictive audiences for prospecting and retargeting.

Together with the Nissan team and their media agency, Nissan United, we ran a prospecting and retargeting experiment. The purpose was to assess whether targeting a “high propensity to buy” audience from our model’s outcome was better than manual rule-based targeting. It turned out our predictive model outperformed the control campaigns with 2.3x better conversion rate and 3x lower cost per action. This positive result and the technology’s potential for future gains led the Nissan team to plan on including predictive audiences in other campaigns and expand them to different marketing channels.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI