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  • +70% global return on investment
  • Became the first CPG company to see a direct correlation between digital advertising and sales

Building better consumer connections through data.

Digital marketing is most effective when you know how to whet consumers’ appetite and play to their taste—and this takes on an entirely new relevance when you’re a global snacking brand like Mondelēz. By unlocking data from silos and transforming digital ad measurement, we helped Mondelēz build better consumer connections through data.

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A strategy fit for cloud nine.

Mondelēz wanted to gain new insights into consumer buying habits and the effectiveness of its digital advertising, though silos inhibited its digital media team from building advanced data sets and running higher-order analytics.
First, we helped Mondelēz standardize one new global campaign-naming taxonomy—making it easier to compare apples and oranges, salty and sweet. Next, we brought together cross-platform media data and offline sales with Google Cloud. This automated, cloud-based approach was not only faster—it was also more flexible than legacy reporting methods, giving the brand a lifetime competitive advantage.

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Client Words A cloud allows us to be more nimble, agile, flexible, and safe. What we're going to move to is a world where we’re inspired to act that much faster because we have the confidence in the data to do it.
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Jon Halvorson

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Freeing data to crunch (and munch on).

With multiple retail and marketing partners, it was difficult for Mondelēz to standardize digital measurement—a common challenge for CPG brands when retailers hold much of the relationship with customers.
We consolidated more than a baker’s dozen of Mondelēz ad server networks into four global regions, and established data governance standards to advance reporting data. We then built real-time spend and performance dashboards so its global teams could quickly access insights that previously took weeks to compile.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI