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Nike Game of Go outdoor exhibit
Colorful graphic of Nike Game of Go

Game of Go • Giving the Launch of a New Shoe a Running Start

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Case Study

Capturing the freedom of running in a new way.

Running is a passion for many, though it’s also a hobby that can be tough for people to get into: the culture can feel exclusive and intimidating, and inexperienced runners can find it challenging to stick with it. To celebrate the launch of the Nike React shoe, the athletic brand saw an opportunity to make running more accessible for everyone by tapping into the childlike joy of running through an immersive, video game-like experience.

Not your run-of-the-mill installation.

We partnered with the brand to build a virtual 400-meter race at L.A. Live that gave runners of all levels the chance to experience the shoe in a unique way. Participants ran on custom-built treadmills, controlling an on-screen avatar through their own body movements via motion tracking. Players were challenged to avoid obstacles and catch power-ups, all while testing the fit and feel of the shoe.

Processing real-time data at unprecedented speeds.

Advanced real-time rendering using Unity game engine enabled players to literally put themselves within the game. Each had a chance to customize their avatar by selecting the shape, color, texture and light reflectivity of their body. Twelve powerful gaming rigs processed, packaged and instantly transmitted real-time data to translate players’ motions into animations represented on digital out-of-home screens with almost zero lag.

Our Craft

Game on for immersive, personalized experiences.

  • Colorful graphic of Nike Game of Go
  • Computer screen showing the Game of Go
  • A person running in a harness next to the game graphic of player running
  • Nike Game of Go outdoor exhibit


The game didn’t just capture the attention of visitors to L.A. Live—coverage from ESPN SportsCenter and Jimmy Kimmel amplified the event to audiences across the nation. Athletes like Olympic champion Ashton Eaton also joined in on the fun, further building buzz and putting a skip in Nike’s step. Across TV coverage, simulcasts throughout Microsoft Square and digital billboards in downtown L.A., we amassed 5.9 million impressions.

  • 3x Awards

  • 3x FWAs

  • 2x One Show Awards

  • 4x Cannes Lions

  • 1x El Ojo Award

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