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Oreo Virtual Production • A Mouthwatering Approach to Tabletop Production

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A tabletop approach you can dunk on.

Twist, dunk or eat it in one mouthful—there are several ways to enjoy an Oreo, milk’s favorite cookie. With so many preferences and Oreo fans around the world, Mondelēz needed a way to whet the appetites of consumers everywhere with mouthwatering, locally relevant creative captured at scale.

A delicious blend of creativity and technology.

For global brands, tabletop production can be a costly endeavor—for both time and budget. Every market differs in package design and legal requirements, and legacy processes make it difficult to produce relevant creative at the speed and scale needed for today’s consumer packaged goods brands. So we changed the game using Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games, to bake up and automate tabletop production.

Using the real-time engine enables local teams to switch out packs in just a few clicks—and a few seconds—rather than wait through the long rendering times that are typical in the traditional CGI process. This makes it easy to iterate and scale up, satisfying cravings everywhere.

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Client Words Our customers work at a pace that demands innovation, collaboration and iteration—all at high quality. [Media.Monks] share this vision, and I’m honored to invite them to the Epic MegaGrant community as they work to reinvent production processes with Unreal Engine.
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John Buzzell

Enterprise Licensing Lead, Unreal Engine (Americas)

Providing meaningful work for the future—in real time.

Oreo lovers weren’t the only ones left drooling; our innovative approach to using Unreal Engine in tabletop advertising also inspired a course in Unreal Futures, a learning series that prepares tomorrow’s developers and creatives for success in 3D careers across different industries. Collaborating with Epic Games, our employees walk students step-by-step through our process and challenge them to develop a 3D advertisement of their own using Unreal Engine.

So whether inspiring a purchase or inspiring the next generation of 3D creatives, we took a bite out of tired, traditional processes—maximizing quality, speed and efficiency to connect with consumers of all tastes.

Monk Thoughts From an artistic standpoint, I see so many opportunities to up-level our creative outputs in Unreal Engine, blending creativity and technology to shape better content and stronger stories that propel the industry forward.
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