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A small plate of JUST Egg inspired food
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the outside of the pioneers club restaurant with vines growing on the walls

Pioneers Club • A Hyper-Personalized Dining Experience

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A table with JUST Egg products on it covered in green leaves

Hatching up a launch rich in experience.

JUST Egg is a plant-based alternative to commercially produced eggs developed by San Francisco-based company Eat Just. With an aim to enter Asia’s alternative protein market, the brand partnered with us to create a launch campaign that creates buzz among chefs, plant-based advocates, foodies and influencers, starting with Seoul. Not one to chicken out on Covid challenges presented to us at the time—safety restrictions, supply chain deficiency and time and resources constraints— we leveraged them as an opportunity to set up an intimate, immersive and Covid-safe pop-up restaurant, The Pioneers Club.

Monk Thoughts When developing the concept...the Covid restrictions in South Korea kept changing to become more strict. We decided to turn these new challenges into creative opportunities.
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Whipping up a hyper-personalized dining experience in an herbs-filled environment

  • A desk in a restaurant overgrown by plants Two chefs work on the presentation of JUST Egg dishes
  • Two people stand in front of a grassy wall with their names shined on it Two people's feet touching a grass ground of the restaurant

Planting the right ambience.

Designed with personal safety as a main priority, The Pioneer’s Club was a plant-based pop-up restaurant that offered a unique and exclusive fine dining experience in a verdant herbs-filled environment. The name was carefully chosen as a tribute to the pioneers who helped the plant-based movement gain traction in South Korea. The design theme of the space was “wild nature reclaiming modern life,” which referenced both the growing plant-based movement in South Korea and JUST Egg’s new Korean tagline, “The egg born from the ground (땅이 낳은 에그),” also developed by Media.Monks.

A noodle dish made with JUST Egg products
A chef stands in front of the restaurant neon sign covered in plants

Customized elements to suit every taste.

At The Pioneers Club, only two guests at a time can be seated, with the guests’ dietary restrictions and allergies influencing the menu. By working together with renowned chefs and letting them create localized recipes, we showcased the potential of the product and developed content to feed the feeds for months after the event. And by inviting the right crowd while showing the potential of the product, it quickly opened doors to get JUST Egg on the menu of other trendy plant-based cafes and restaurants, such as Millennial Dining and Monk’s Deli.

A couple sitting at a table at night with yellow light keeping them lit
Press To drum up buzz around converting diners to this food form, American plant venture Just Egg teamed up with Media.Monks to develop the pop up restaurant Pioneers Club, inviting local plant-based advocates to a foliage-filled fine dining experience.
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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI