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Power People’s Health • Using Digital Solutions to Boost Top-Quality Health Platforms

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Harnessing our Salesforce superpower.

Without an efficient partner or the right systems in place, managing your company’s data can be quite challenging. Like many other large-scale businesses, Digital Wellness, a leading global enterprise committed to improving people’s health, was also facing this challenge. Eager to move past manually handling the patient data of their digital Weight Management Program, they were in need of new scalable systematic processes to erase any room for error. To bring these ambitions to life, the C360.Monks leveraged their exceptional Salesforce skills and domain experience to provide Digital Wellness with a single view of patient details, activity and history, enabling them to improve their customer management and engagement capabilities.

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Lighting up your platform with cloud services.

With the expansion of their services in full swing, Digital Wellness’ top priorities included consolidating patient information, enhancing workflows and building an end-to-end user engagement model. To get there, we first set up Health Cloud to provide Digital Wellness with a platform that efficiently manages their client data, sales operations, partner network, customer service processes, progress reports and future care plans. Then, we implemented Marketing Cloud to enhance their marketing automation and support lead generation, campaigns and communications. Finally, we introduced Advertising Studio, a tool to strengthen online advertisement campaigns and customer engagement. Through these systems, Digital Wellness can continue to build on their holistic approach to patient care.

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Client Words [Media.Monks] were fantastic and we had a wonderful Salesforce experience. We ran the project in an agile format blending their staff with our in-house team, [which] was very successful and allowed knowledge transfer to occur gradually.
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Anna Crook

Director of Product Development, Digital Wellness

Streamlining digital solutions towards success.

By staying close to our skills and expertise, we were able to create a single view of Digital Wellness’ detailed client data, from personal patient information to company-wide health statistics. With that, we contributed to their mission to make the world a healthier place, one person at a time. A real game-changer for Digital Wellness, this development has allowed the business to enhance their operations and build on their mission to leave a positive mark on people’s health.

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