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Too Much To Ask • Saving the Planet One Stream at a Time

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Grassroots organization Justdiggit believes in the power of nature to cool down the planet and works to regreen degraded land in Africa to positively affect our world’s climate. As part of Justdiggit’s “Stream to Regreen” initiative, proceeds from participating artists’ tracks streamed across a number of platforms—including Spotify, YouTube and XITE—are donated to the regreening effort.

So when internationally acclaimed record producer, musician and songwriter Don Diablo and Ty Dolla $ign wanted to inspire and empower people all over the world to fight global warming, they released the “Too Much To Ask” video in support of Justdiggit’s mission. And that’s why, in partnership with Havas Group, we worked behind the scenes to make the coolest music video possible—using the most innovative VFX techniques on the planet.

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Painting the future green

Our goal was to extend the world we know into the not-so-distant future, to create a true-to-life vision of what our land and our world would look like if we don’t take care to regreen our planet. To elicit a deep connection with our audience, we sought to convey the emotions of our protagonist through the use of lighting and colors. VFX is how we brought that vision to life. We reached into our arsenal of production capabilities: rotoscoping shots by hand, inserting sky replacements and adding depth with shadows. For fully CGI shots, we sculpted digital landscapes from scratch to fit seamlessly into the video's futuristic aesthetic.

Through rigorous compositing and color grading, the music video looks just as good as it sounds—dazzling EDM fans and helping to cool down the planet in the process. Released in June 2021, Don Diablo & Ty Dolla $ign’s “Too Much To Ask” video accumulated over seven million streams in just a few short months, resulting in 280,000 square meters of restored land—and counting.

Monk Thoughts With the help of our ambitious video effects team we changed almost every shot with digital technology to bring to life this magical film.
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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI