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Case Study

Proving the sky’s the limit for effective, personalized platforms.

As the most technologically advanced branch of the US Armed Forces, the United States Air Force has long attracted STEM-oriented, academic achievers. Together with GSD&M, we built an innovative platform that takes potential recruits on a digital journey through carefully curated content pathways tailored to their interests.

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Taking user experience to new heights.

Once users land on the US Air Force website, they’re ready to take their first steps to get to know the military service inside and out. And as they explore, the platform gets to know them better, too. Through intelligent UX design, the experience serves content based on individual viewers’ preferences and personas, helping them get a feel for what to expect from a career in the US Air Force. This way, the content bypasses time-consuming queries to identify the best career path for each qualified recruit.

Our Craft

From personalized paths to career paths.

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  • Career screen from the U.S. Airforce website
  • Salary screen from the U.S. Airforce careers website

A data-fueled journey.

We believe that users should see a fair value exchange in return for their data. The US Air Force platform was built around this philosophy, generating each user’s path based on intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. Short breaks in the pages encourage readers to share details about who they are, what experience they have, and what they’re looking to gain from a career in the US Air Force. And these paths are always evolving; a variety of independent modules makes it easy to author and adjust bespoke pages as we learn more about the needs of the audience.

Airforce in action A person in the Airforce standing in front of a plane


  • Increased conversion rate of 47%.
  • 37% increase in qualified applicants.
  • 1x Awwward

  • 2x FWAs

  • 6x Addys

  • 1x Cannes Lion

  • 3x LIAs

  • 1x Webby

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