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Championing marketing data across the customer journey.

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Build a better foundation, get better data, get better results.

Data is the single common thread that allows brands to connect and harness customer experience across consumer contexts—meaning a deficit in data is a deficit in customer experience. Our vision is for no brand to be “data poor” ever again, and we work toward that goal by empowering marketing organizations to wield data as the strategic asset that it is.

A glimpse at our data offerings

  1. Solutions

    How We Work • Learn how brands discover, harness and grow the value of advertising, marketing, and customer data to deliver strong customer experiences and achieve business objectives.

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    Learn about the different ways we help brands deliver stronger customer experiences and achieve ambitious business objectives through the use of data.

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    Develop marketing data standards (and ensure those standards are adhered to) to enable successful digital marketing activation and measurement.

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    Develop predictive insights, increase marketing efficiency, understand your customers better and help your business grow.

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    Strategies and activations to build clear, fair value exchanges throughout the customer experience that encourage access to consented first-party data.

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    Development of custom solutions and flexible innovation within adtech, martech, business intelligence and cloud stacks by hands-on experts in data and engineering.

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    Provide relevant insights to support better marketing decisions. We support business intelligence end-to-end from strategy to data architecture and analysis, to visualization and adoption.

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    Understand the impact of your marketing efforts across all channels by blending macro (“top-down”) and detailed (“bottom-up”) analytics.

  9. Let us help you find the clearest opportunity to better the customer experience through data.

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Monk Thoughts Data is the single common thread that allows brands to connect and harness customer experience across digital contexts.
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Unwrapping insight into what consumers crave

  1. Work

    Mondelēz Data and Measurement • Mondelēz “isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty on the road to clean data,” reported AdExchanger. We helped the snacking giant along the journey, realizing a correlation between digital advertising and sales while increasing return on global media investment.

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    Digital marketing is most effective when you know how to whet consumers’ appetite and play to their taste—and this takes on an entirely new relevance when you’re a global snacking brand like Mondelēz.

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    By unlocking data from silos and transforming digital ad measurement, we helped Mondelēz achieve a +70% global return on investment.

  7. Want to hear more about our partnership with Mondelēz? Check out the full case:

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Data Agency of Record

Tap into your Data AOR to fuel business growth.

Data informs and enhances all aspects of marketing and every step of your campaigns. But when your siloed data drains resources and confusion reigns over fractured goals and inconsistency, your Data Agency of Record (AOR) helps create order and guide a path toward new efficiencies. The Data.Monks ensure data works for modern marketers by taking a holistic view of data as it continuously travels through the marketing and advertising lifecycle. Bringing marketing and advertising data together under a common set of standards, applications and goals enables greater precision, less waste and better connections with customers—helping you drive unprecedented value from digital channels.

Acing first-party data strategy for leading brands.

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Ace Google Cloud Platform & AppPlatforms expertise combined with a Data AOR helped Ace Hardware drive over 150k reward account signups and $30M in omichannel revenue.

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Monk Thoughts Knowing which ads the customer is actually seeing can be the difference between success and failure.
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Connecting the dots across data, media and content.

Narrowing your focus to sole metrics or outdated legacy measurement (macro-modeling, brand lift studies, etc.) only paints a part of the wider picture. Using the principles of market mix modeling across the marketing funnel, we help create a level measurement playing field that takes into account of everything that affects campaign performance, from Media activities, to internal Operations decisions, to External factors like seasonality and competitor activity.

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In partnership with

  • EE
Client Words [Media.Monks] transformed our marketing measurement by delivering monthly cross channel and campaign ROIs. They have provided unbiased insight with clarity, engaged across all functions and increased our returns from marketing significantly.
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Peter Jeavons

Marketing Communications Director, EE


Evaluating privacy risks and opportunities within media activation, analytics, and engagement.

Conversations and regulations around privacy are quickly evolving with no signs of slowing down—providing an opportunity to strengthen the consumer experience through secure, transparent use of data.

We can help you identify needed solutions to ensure you are not only ready to weather these changes, but to maximize the new digital ecosystem with our Digital Privacy Impact Assessment and our Privacy-focused First-Party Data Assessment.

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Press Changes in the technology and privacy landscape have placed immense focus on first-party data, which will be critical to the success of any business…[Brands] should take a proactive approach to data ownership as if their futures depend on it.
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Take your web and app analytics practice to the next level with our Google Analytics expertise.

Gain access to our Google Analytics experts to help you deliver on mission-critical analytics projects, improve tracking efficiencies, get actionable insights and hit growth targets while staying innovative, competitive and privacy-centric in your analytics implementation.

Teaming up with SIDEARM sports.

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Data Analytics at ScaleBy deploying Google Analytics and Tag Manager across 1,400 of SIDEARM sports partner sites, our automated approach provided quality data in record time.

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