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Goal-Driven Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Our SEM strategy starts with your business goals first. Media.Monks' clients range from high-growth disruptors to major big box retailers and leading public companies, but they all have one thing in common: they all know that we drive measurable growth with paid search strategies that cover the entire customer journey.

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  1. SEM Services • Our teams specialize in all aspects of the ever-evolving search landscape where search is no longer keyword only, but inclusive of image, video, audience, feeds, and voice.

  2. Data & Measurement

    Data integration and measurement play integral roles when ensuring our partners are maximing their media dollars in SEM.



    Our eCommerce experts drive direct sales through end-to-end feed & shopping optimizations.

  3. Ad Copy

    We turn your industry expertise into meaningful messaging that delivers proven results.



    While keywords remain at the forefront of traditional SEM, we are experts in the full funnel search experience that delivers results.

  4. Automation

    Automation is at the core of our SEM strategy. Our teams provide necessary human input to ensure optimal algorithm performance.



    Our methodical and systematic testing through a robust learning agenda ensures consistent improvement in business KPI's.

  5. Lead Gen

    Our focus on Lead Quality & Offline Conversion Tracking means we deliver qualified Opportunities to your SDRs.


    Beyond Traditional Search

    The full-funnel approach doesn't end with Search. App, Video and Display are key components in our holistic media strategy.

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See How we Increased Paycor's Leads with Paid Search

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Case Study

Audience-Based Market GrowthWith our custom data reporting tool, we helped Paycor scale audience-based growth, resulting in a 240% increase in leads.

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Choose your language

The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI