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Environmental, Social and Governance at Media.Monks

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Our Vision and Strategy

We firmly believe that technology and creativity can be used as forces for good and powerful tools in transitioning towards a more sustainable society. This belief lies at the core of our sustainability vision and strategy.

Monk Thoughts Our goal is to build a lasting organization that supports clients with creative and technological solutions to realize and enhance their intrinsic value.
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A glimpse at our vision and strategy

  1. Goals

    Our 3 Pillars • Our strategy is based on the potential impact we believe we can make, stakeholders’ opinions and our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), divided into three pillars.

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  3. 1. Zero Impact Workspaces

    Our goal is a climate neutral and environmentally conscious household, with tangible efforts in our daily operations.

    We set a Science-Based emissions reduction target for scope 1, 2 and 3.

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  5. 2. Sustainable Work

    Our goal is to be a catalyst for change, leverage our expertise to innovate with technology and creativity for good for and with our clients.

    We implement our Sustainable Production Lab report findings into our daily operations.

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  7. 3. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Our goal is a workplace that fosters an inclusive culture valuing people with different backgrounds, genders, sexual preferences, caregiving status and health.

    We strive to increase diversity to at least match population levels where we work, sooner rather than later.

  8. Read more about our three pillars below.

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Monk Thoughts 2021 has been about getting up to speed, as an organization and an industry. Unified with our clients by a shared goal to reduce climate change, it has been a fertile soil for more transparency, collaboration and innovation. We’re not there, but we are all on the same journey to become climate negative.
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1. Zero Impact Workspaces

As an international company that experiences continual growth around the globe, we have a relatively large carbon footprint. Therefore, we are putting effort into creating a climate-neutral and environmentally-conscious household through tangible efforts in our daily operations. Our goal is to build zero impact workspaces that increase the share of renewable energy (SDG 7), reduce waste generation and promote sustainable procurement practices (SDG 12), and reduce our CO2 footprint (SDG 13). We are working to set targets in line with SBTi 2022 (the Science-Based Target initiative) which defines and promotes best practices in emissions reductions and net zero targets in line with climate science.


Monk Thoughts It is our goal to keep our global footprint as small as possible, making sure that each of our employees are taking small steps every day to reach this goal. From separating waste in the office to rewriting our entire travel policy, we work towards a carbon neutral way of working.
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Not only did we sign it, we built the platform

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Case Study

The Climate PledgeAn optimistic platform focused on sustainable transformation, which inspires leading brands to pledge to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

See Full Case Study

2. Sustainable Work

We want to ensure that the work we produce is produced sustainably, in both our Sustainable Creation of work (how we work) and our For Good Work (the content of our work). Producing work sustainably entails educating our Monks on all measures we can take within projects to reduce our environmental impact, while increasing the positive impact of our creative work. For example, we actively reduce emission during our production process by adjusting certain digital builds to green builds and reusing existing code. And we proactively craft design and content to increase the message we want to convey—ranging from raising awareness on social topics to changing consumer behavior around environmental issues—while ensuring performance through our data and digital media experts.

Monk Thoughts The world needs to think more sustainably about creating digital products and lower its digital carbon footprint. This can be done by applying sustainable production guidelines. Digital can also help reduce your carbon footprint by virtualizing processes that are carbon intensive — printed user manuals could easily be accessed with a QR code.
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Sustainable Creation is good business

  1. Sustainable Creation

    Directing Toward Long-term Sustainability • The futuristic green way of working will contribute not only to the planet, but to business. We’re committed to making greener (digital) products and sharing our ideas and processes publicly.

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  3. In addition to working sustainably ourselves, we create awareness with our clients by offering them choices that contribute to more sustainable work practices.

    Currently, our sustainable film practice has rules on set taking into account energy consumption, waste management and catering, as well as the use of a carbon calculator to measure the carbon footprint of our production activities.


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    We use sustainable, second-hand or recycled materials whenever possible.

  5. We take sustainability elements into account throughout the entire UX/design process as an exercise in systemic design, thereby turning the chaos of multiple sustainability elements into strategic solutions.

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    A “dark mode” can be designed as default or even as an automatic option for users who have the correct settings.

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    For hosting, we look for scalability of servers, high power usage effectiveness, serverless architecture, and other aspects.

  8. We follow our own established guidelines for sustainability across many marketing areas when we work with our clients. And we’re continuously adding new innovative ways to help across these areas, so we can continue to use these technologies sustainably while making amazing experiences.

  9. Wanting a more in-depth look at our guidelines for sustainable production?

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Our For Good Work

For Good Work, which focuses on the content of our work, are projects intended to create a positive impact either with conventional clients or with purpose-driven enterprises. These can be paid, discounted or pro bono projects.

Monk Thoughts 2021 has been an amazing year in the way that we have moved from 40 to over 250 For Good client projects intended to create a positive impact.
Consumer Habits Are Changing. Why Isn’t the Industry?
  1. Work

    For Good • A structured push for concepts, ideas and messages — a focus on our positive impact work — that contribute to our SDGs. We do these For Good projects for clients, through R&D and by donating financial aid or time.

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    We partnered with Studio Roosegaarde to turn dreams into reality and create a better world in a six-film series entitled Dreamscapes.

  3. GROW, which takes place in a Dutch field, showcases innovative ideas for sustainable agriculture by illuminating how LED lights can be used to speed up growth in plants, reducing  the need for pesticides.

    Showcased at the World Economic Forum and the BBC as part of the project’s awareness campaign, the film reached over 600 million views.

  4. HP Pride posters

    HP celebrated reconnecting as a community with a collection of expressive, Pride-themed printables designed by LGBTQ+ artists.

  5. HP Pride posters being shown on a phone
  6. LGBTQ+ influencers shared #PowerYourPride printables alongside personal stories of empowerment and bold calls to action.

    Reaching over 1 million impressions, the campaign demonstrates the collective power of self-expression, inspiring younger generations to embrace individuality — together.

  7. Two women looking at cellphones smiling

    This NGO helps African women living in extreme poverty and difficult conditions by donating cash to the women directly. This way the women become more independent and over 80% escape poverty for good.

  8. The NGO provides 100 weeks of financial support (EURO 8/week) and financial coaching. We created a scalable platform and will continue to fundraise.

    Our ambition is that before the end of 2023 we will have helped raise enough money to help 10,000 women escape extreme poverty.

  9. A woman lying down with a blue butterfly over her nose

    In 2021, Justdiggit launched a love song for our planet — Too Much To Ask, by world-famous artists Don Diablo and Ty Dolla ​​$ign.

  10. This was part of Justdiggit’s initiative #StreamtoRegreen in celebration of the start of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Every 25 streams of the song will regreen 1m2 in Kenya or Tanzania.

    IMA, which merged with Media.Monks in 2019, helps create awareness around both the organization and its nature-based solutions through influencer marketing.

  11. Interested in checking out more projects?

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3. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The people who work at Media.Monks are at the heart of our business. Their talents fuel the engine that keeps our business going. So it is our responsibility—our privilege—to provide an environment where individuals can realize a sense of community, safety, and belonging and ultimately thrive in their careers. By actively seeking diversity, ensuring equity and promoting inclusion, we aim to provide a workplace where all employees can bring their unique selves to work and contribute to our collective success. 

Core to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion pillar is taking measurable action to ensure lasting change. By setting recruitment metrics and training requirements, building safe space community groups, improving supplier diversity, practicing auditable inclusive marketing in our client work, and expanding the diversity in our industry through education, fellowships, internships, and mentorships, we are committed to making an impact both internally and in the world around us.

Monk Thoughts Diversity as a practice. Think about this in yoga–you can’t say you’re a yogi if you go to yoga class one time. But if you go on a regular basis and you’re practicing, it’s a journey. So when we say "diversity" it’s not a check box, it’s not stats, it’s not a lived experience of a person or group of people. It’s a practice that’s day in and day out.
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For questions, recommendations or ideas about sustainability at Media.Monks and our ESG reports, please contact: Read more about Media.Monks' commitment to ESG in our 2019 and 2020 reports.

More on our ESG initiatives

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