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Artificial Intelligence

The Next Transformation of Digital: Artificial Intelligence

We’ve been building automation and generative AI directly into our workflows since its inception - and now we’re helping our partners to do the same.

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We’re not just bullish on AI’s disruption; It directly reinforces our mission to change the industry.

Artificial Intelligence empowers brands to do more for their customers. From unlocking efficiencies in marketing operations to enabling content creation on an even grander scale, AI-empowered brands deliver a world of exponentially more relevant content and experiences for their audiences.

Ultimately, AI enables companies to create value for their customers in entirely new ways, including new customer engagement and revenue models.

Our thoughts and uses for AI


Wes reveals how AI delivers on the promise of high-resolution personalization.

3 smart moves for marketers.

Accelerate Your Asset Production. Generative AI can massively amplify your in-house creative capabilities. Increase your speed to market by compressing production times and increasing agility across the marketing pipeline. Reduce costs by empowering your teams to increase productivity by doing more with less. Scale output by amplifying your ability to deliver personalized content and experiences.

Elevate Your Brand Experience. AI allows for new possibilities in advocacy by delivering highly empathetic customer experience, everywhere in the journey. Test radically more messaging and creative to boost engagement. And drive conversion with uniquely contextual messaging and content.

Automate to Operate with AI At Scale. And, of course, it’s a question of when–not if–AI will disrupt your business operations. With AI, you can better integrate by establishing and scaling AI and automation best practices across your organization. Enable your workforce to quickly leverage new tools to maximize productivity. And understand real value by measuring output and mapping it towards business goals to prove ROI success.

Here's how we're putting the power of AI to use.

  1. Our Approach

    AI solutions, from assets to experiences and everything in between • We harness the power of AI across many applications within our work with clients. Check out a small sample of how we use the tech.

  2. In collaboration with Spotify, we created an interactive listening experience featuring a deepfake version of The Weeknd that attracted over 600,000 fans within the first 48 hours after launch.

  3. Our virtual version of The Weeknd personally greeted each visitor based on data from their Spotify accounts. We created an AI to synthesize his voice, allowing for an interactive listening experience between the fan and artist himself.

  4. The Weeknd deepfake
  5. Atlanta FX Twitter messages

    To build buzz for the final season of Atlanta, we staged an AI takeover of the @AtlantaFX Twitter handle with a custom bot.

  6. We built a narrative around the usual voice behind the account having a meltdown, making way for our AI takeover. The bot chatted with fans in the week leading up to the finale, racking up 15M+ impressions, 10M+ social video views and 1M+ social engagements.

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    By providing one of our entertainment clients with a scalable automation system, we were able to save them 12K+ hrs annually.

  8. Quickly it became apparent how the automated deployment system was reducing processes up to 60%.

    The solution provided the client to scale globally in 31 countries, produce 940+ campaigns, that in turn tallied 1.3 billion impressions

  9. Interested in hearing more about our AI capabilities?

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AI & our responsibility

AI’s potential—for disruption, for displacement, for value creation—can’t be ignored. We have a duty to explore the boundaries of this technology to unlock new opportunities.

Our strength has always been our people: we’re curious, innovative, tech-enabled, and most of all we are disruptive. That will continue to be true. That's why we have embraced the benefits of technology and automation from our beginning, and why we will keep being decisive in infusing AI into our business.

This is an ongoing journey. There will be perpetually shifting expectations involving AI, and we will keep building in a way that allows us to evolve to meet them. As we build, we will do so with these commitments to the moment, to our people, to our clients, and to our business standards. 

Commitment to the moment. AI’s rapid progress has not only opened the world’s eyes to what is possible, it’s delivered a wake-up call to virtually every business sector. We’re answering that call and joining the movement to build this future, now. Behind the strength of our world-class creative and strategy teams, our belief is that this technology will give every individual superpowers to help our clients conquer their markets - and our ability to infuse it into our business model will be one of the vital factors in achieving our goals in this era.

Responsibility to our people. Even though we believe in the power and permanence of this technology, we believe equally that AI will be reliant on our people's creativity and craft to drive outsized success for ourselves and our clients. To thrive, we have to redesign our operation and provide our people the access and training they will need to unlock their potential in this AI-assisted future.

Duty to our clients. As with our original mandate to build a better, faster, cheaper solution for clients, our obligation is to deliver maximum value, and that will always drive our decision-making. AI will allow us to do that, but it comes with risks that clients will expect us to understand and manage on their behalf. We will always be stewards of our clients’ brand reputation, intellectual property, data security, and potential for growth. That stewardship extends to any AI-centric technology we use or recommend in the course of service, and any original AI-powered tools that we build in partnership with them.

Media.Monks Ethics & AI. The incorporation of AI into business processes and creativity requires deliberate consideration of representation, bias, and potential harms. Media.Monks has well-established strategies to account for these issues in all facets of our business, and we are beholden to these core principles for all societal issues related to AI. Read our latest ESG report for more.

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Press Media.Monks is developing a suite of AI creative and production solutions...The new offering will use generative AI tools against creative and production briefs...It expects to use tools such as Midjourney to create, test and produce creative content and campaigns.
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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI