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We advise, build, and scale digital products and organizations.

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We align people, process, culture, and technology to build growth-focused technology solutions.

We are a global consulting firm driving purposeful, AI-powered transformations for the Fortune 100. Using a combination of long-term strategic thinking, deep enterprise experience, and a human-centered approach to helping clients transform business processes and dominate their industries, we build technology solutions that move businesses forward. Our global team of engineers, designers, technologists, researchers, strategists, and consultants have deep expertise across a broad variety of industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, finance, and entertainment.

Transforming crisis into a growth opportunity

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    Systems Modernization • We partnered with First American to overhaul outdated systems at the core of their business, helping them save millions and unify teams across core systems.

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    We built a solution that automates deal flow, reduces manual data input and securely manages user access rights—consolidating five disparate systems into one scalable platform.

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    Our platform led to increased revenue and bolstered First American’s reputation as a technology and customer experience leader.

  6. Want to learn more? See the full case.

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Monk Thoughts We collaborate with really smart people to solve challenging problems, then focus on continuous improvement to create an environment where everyone is helping each other grow.
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How can we help you innovate? Drop us a line.

Purpose-built for enterprise technology consulting and delivery.

We embrace emergent technologies and working in deep partnerships to change the way problems are solved. Using an entrepreneurial mindset, we tailor our technology services to any given opportunity and scale our programs by repeatedly delivering for our clients—no matter what.

  • Consulting Services: Create the right thing, the right way to drive targeted and measurable outcomes for the business.
  • Product Delivery: Invent, build and activate human-centric technology solutions.
  • Scale: Add velocity, capacity and agility to enterprise tech initiatives.
  • Growth Solutions: Hands-on guidance to unlock new opportunities for growth.
  • Evolution: Support for long-term evolution of strategic infrastructure.

Building a secure global facility for Morningstar

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Case Study

Center of ExcellenceOur Center of Excellence, a multiskilled tech team dedicated to Morningstar, is a key example of partnership in action.

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Our people will partner with yours to increase velocity and to facilitate enablement.

We have a long history of agile software development, cultivating high-performing teams that overcome ambiguity and complexity to consistently deliver innovative, high-quality technology solutions within expected timelines.

  • Agile Delivery: Business needs change and new opportunities arise. With 15 years of practice in agile delivery, we embrace change to provide maximum flexibility and control of outcomes.
  • In-Depth Expertise: We’re experts in the design, development, and production launch of custom software applications. Fromm modernizing legacy software to customizing off-the-shelf solutions, we’re adept at building a tailored user experience.
  • Effective Collaboration: We have a solid track record collaborating with diverse client ecosystems and cultures effectively. We see around corners, choose the best technology solutions and move quickly.
  • Product Direction: You control the overall product direction. We recommend an approach to get there, including project setup, kickoff, implementation and delivery.


And it's working...

  • Built the AT&T IoT Marketplace in 12 months & earned $500M in revenue.
  • Generated $120M in savings by modernizing legacy systems at First American.
  • Created an asset tracking platform that improved CAT’s cashflow by over $1B.
  • Built a digital destination for PlayStation’s esports fans, drawing in 100 million gamers in over 80 countries.
  • Brought HBO into the streaming age with peerlessly reliable software for millions of viewers simultaneously.


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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI