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Center of Excellence • A Dedicated Team Designed for Morningstar’s Every Need

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Building a strong, vested partnership.

Over the past six years, we've established, run, and matured the Center of Excellence, Morningstar’s product design and development center out of Latin America. Since the inception of our partnership, built on ownership and true collaboration, the team has grown to include 150+ skilled tech services experts who continue to serve the operational structure for Morningstar’s product, feature development and maintenance strategies. Discover below how the Center of Excellence came to be below, as well as some of the specific ways it has supported the financial services firm.

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A home away from home, built in a secure global facility.

When Morningstar needed assurances about data security and high levels of confidentiality in our work together, we redesigned an entire floor in our Bogotá office building to showcase our capacity to take on sensitive projects without sacrificing seamless collaboration. The Center of Excellence houses diverse skills ranging from product design, engineering, business analysis and more, and is designed to feel and function like an extension of Morningstar itself. In fact, the Center offers familiarity for those traveling to Colombia from any of Morningstar’s offices around the world, and we wrapped 2022 with a visit from the brand’s senior executives to experience the excellence together.

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Unifying client investment data for financial advisors.

Want a peek into what goes on inside our Center of Excellence? When Morningstar’s financial advisors lacked a sophisticated tool to unify the disparate but crucial data sources they rely on—such as investment managers, custodians, and back-end processes most advisors aren’t even aware exist—our tech pros got to work. We solved the need by creating Managed Portfolios, a complex web app with a simple UX that compiles raw financial data and all client inputs into an accessible experience, empowering advisors to make timely financial decisions their clients depend upon.

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Client Words There are many things that set Media.Monks apart from their competitors. For Morningstar, it's their culture and understanding of our business. They always rise to the challenge, they’re always committed.
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James Rhodes

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Modernizing retirement plan management.

Faced with Morningstar’s need to upgrade their retirement plan management experience, we structured and staffed a retained product team to develop and launch Morningstar Plan Advantage (MPA). The platform enables employees to compare, manage and maintain their retirement plans. MPA remains one of Morningstar’s most ambitious retail products ever, in use by major financial services players like UBS and Raymond James.

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We’re always ready for what’s next.

Our deep experience with Morningstar applied knowledge of digital technology makes us a key partner in helping the brand achieve its ever-evolving goals. Through long-term collaboration and proximity to the brand through the Center of Excellence, we continue to remain deeply involved throughout the lifecycles of Morningstar’s products, spinning up new or complementary squads designed to meet each project’s goals and challenges.

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