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We transform marketing organizations using data, technology and AI.

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Lil Miquela stands next to the new BMW X2 and stares at a futuristic beam of light that shines from the sky to the ground.
A person in a space suite floating in a dark space

Unifying data, technology, and AI to enhance creativity and transform the marketing organization.

In today’s business environment, creativity requires a vast system of support in order to truly succeed. Building a content structure that blends creativity with data, systems, tooling and tech helps not only with content creation, but also transcreation and achieving the cultural nuance required for relevant, award-winning creativity. Our model augments the creative process by including strategic business partners to ensure the most effective plan, centers of excellence housing top talent, and production hubs across the world to get it all done. This model delivers 20-30% cost savings—without sacrificing quality or scale.

The work in action:

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    Welcoming Lil Miquela into our world • For the launch of BMW's new all-electric iX2 car, we bridged the physical and the digital by letting virtual influencer Lil Miquela take the wheel.

  2. Closeup from Lil Miquele while she is driving in the BMW X2.

    With the rise of AI, the metaverse and Web3, we saw a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital: by giving virtual influencer Lil Miquela a vehicle into the real world, bringing along her social audience of more than 8.2 million.

  3. BMW Logo
  4. Two people seen from the back in bathing clothes almost kissing each other
  5. Harnessing the power of AI, we leveraged state-of-the-art tools and technologies to elevate traditional automotive storytelling. The film cleverly merges physical and virtual realms by tapping into pop culture, and makes BMW stand out as a brand that disrupts traditional automotive marketing while preserving human-focused storytelling.

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Award-winning content underpinned by artificial intelligence.

The fundamental principles of storytelling and production may remain the same, but the tools we use to tell these stories are changing by the week. AI is at the core of how our team functions, from the use of camera sensors to AI-powered storyboard creation, to implementing and optimizing custom AI workflows that ensure a seamless production and tracking process. And by orchestrating workflows across data, CRM, DAM and media, we can drive up conversion and ROI through our storytelling.


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Mobile mockup with the TVC of Omen in frame.
Women sitting on an orange chair with a laptop on her lap. She has a big smile.
A woman sitting behind a Omen laptop and a man standing behind her looking over her shoulder. The background of the image is illustrated. It shows a living room with a cat on a chair and plants. All in purple and orange tinted colours.

Case Study

Generative AI Goes Back to SchoolWe partnered with HP to establish the brand as an early leader in AI, reducing costs and accelerating time to market in the process.

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Monk Thoughts What’s most important to brands now is transforming the marketing engine with an AI-first approach.
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Connecting brands with unconventional storytellers.

  1. Artists

    AI-powered talent • Galvanized by our award-winning global studios, our creators push the boundaries of craft across technology and innovation.

  2. A porche covered in lights surrounded by snow

    Staud’s work, featured in prestigious publications and galleries worldwide, captures the beauty, elegance, and cultural significance of vehicles.

  3. Ai generated art of two models

    She’s collaborated with notable artists such as Victoria Beckham, Lil’ Yachty and Oscar the Grouch.

  4. an AI generated Leia from star wars

    Caleb Ward is renowned for his work in AI, which has been featured in major news publications, documentaries and more.

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Studio Solutions

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Studio Solutions

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We provide transformational consolidations for our clients.

Our Studio team leads with a craft and creative mindset, all while removing manual workflows and replacing them with AI. This way, we’re changing the commercial model to focus on output and outcomes instead of people and time—and telling incredible stories in the process.

And we let our work speak for itself.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI