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Reimagining how content is created, scaled and shared with the world.

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A digital-first creative studio, powered by talent and underpinned by tech.

Studio.Monks is home to an eclectic mix of writers, creatives and motion makers; designers, directors and producers; and artists in the edit, sound booth and VFX pipelines. We’re a community of creators that is not just inspired by, but leverages technology to connect people through ideas in multiple shapes, forms and narratives—all to move the needle on traditional processes.

Creator-focused, community-driven and tech-powered.

In this day and age of information overload, ideas that connect with emotional intelligence, prevision and guile will always elicit the most powerful response. As culture keeps shifting, we continue to transform how we communicate with audiences with content that’s focused on creators, driven by communities and powered by tech. In everything we do, we put our talent at the heart—and equip them with the tools they need to supercharge their ideas.

Creator collaborations

  1. Cases

    A glimpse behind some of our favorite collaborations • Meet the directors in our global network and the work we've made together.

  2. An alter with lit candles on a set with lighting rigs surrounded

    Together with esteemed director Salomon Ligthelm, we shot, scored and post-produced a three-minute film in which families reunite with their late loved ones in honor of the Day of the Dead.

  3. A view of a beach on an island with a drone being flown in the clouds

    Partnering with award-winning director Nick Enriquez, we created a cinematic series of films augmented by archive and stock footage to capture the epic outer space stories of researchers at the Frontier Development Lab.

  4. man riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle down a road through a desert landscape

    Oscar-nominated and Emmy award-winning director David Darg helped us extend our focus beyond the stereotypical “hog” rider in a series of films produced for Harley-Davison’s first-ever virtual event.

  5. singer Post Malone standing in the middle of a blue room with archways and a semicircle of singers in the background

    To accompany the launch of Post Malone’s album Twelve Carat Toothache, we teamed up with Lumière award winner Lewis Smithingham to create an immersive experience that takes fans on a one-of-a-kind musical journey in VR.

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Monk Thoughts We’ve entered the age of democratization. Technology is putting the power in the hands of everyone, so we have more people making more work that hits differently with each and every audience.
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Technology keeps moving at the speed of digital.

The fundamental principles of storytelling and production may remain the same, but the tools we use to tell these stories are changing by the week—and now AI is adding another dimension to every aspect of our work, from camera sensors to storyboard creation. With the aim to always stay ahead of the curve, our experts continue to design, implement and optimize custom AI workflows to ensure a seamless production and tracking process.

Take a peek behind the scenes.

  1. Connection, creation and coordination • These are the three core principles within our Studio.Monks team. Give talent more tools to tell new, unique and exciting stories; produce the work more efficiently; and collaborate more easily with creators around the world.

  2. A large modern home overlooking a cliff

    Supporting Miele’s commitment to sustainability, we created Stories From Our Only Home—a short film that spotlights 3-star Michelin chef Norbert Niederkofler and his philosophies around people, produce and our planet.

  3. A person looking out a window

    Supporting the Mexican Football Federation's mission to democratize the game for all women, we told the story of historical top scorer Maribel Domínguez "Marigol" in our film Mario on National Anti-Discrimination Day.

  4. A person painting on a large canvas in a warehouse

    We helped beloved brand uni write their next chapter—and launched this rebrand with Start Your Story, a film campaign that celebrates and empowers people to take control of their personal journeys.

  5. A person at the paraolympics skiing

    In support of Team Toyota USA during the Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, we leveraged new and existing footage to pay homage to the families, friends and fans who inspire athletes to achieve greatness.

  6. An illustrated pokemon

    Celebrating 25 years of adventure, we promoted the OREO x Pokémon collab with a film that mixes the pixel-art style of classic Pokémon video games with the look and feel of its anime series—all rendered in OREO pixels.

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Monk Thoughts We’re here to break down traditional silos, open up different work streams, and enable collaborations with other disciplines to make magic happen.
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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI