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Santa Clara • A Year’s Worth of Content Produced in a Week’s Time

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Building a library of content at scale and at speed.

Santa Clara, a premium dairy brand in Mexico, caters to a diverse consumer base that includes people of all ages. They take pride in their use of high-quality ingredients, which has garnered the trust of their customers. However, despite their strong market presence, Santa Clara needed help replicating their influence on social media and connecting with consumers on digital platforms. To consolidate Santa Clara’s digital ecosystem and appeal to a wider generational range, we devised an effective strategy to create a year-long collection of engaging, top-notch content to be used across various platforms.

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  • Santa Clara (The Cola-Cola Company)
Client Words Time after time, I’ve chosen Media.Monks to bring my category’s brands to life on social because they have a radically fresh way of interpreting culture and bringing those insights to life.
fernando moraga

Fernando Moraga

Creative Strategy Director & Content Lead at The Coca-Cola Company

Condensing months of work into a streamlined timeline.

Recognizing the cost and technical challenges associated with tabletop—which refers to the shooting of products like food and beverages in great detail—we had to come up with an effective plan that could make the most of every second (and every dollar). Bringing a nimble approach to our tabletop services, which enables us to produce a large volume of high-quality assets at a rapid pace, we condensed months of work into a streamlined timeline. Our preproduction phase spanned three weeks, followed by two days of visual effects and food styling preparation, one day dedicated to pre-lighting, and five days of shooting. To make it possible, we simultaneously deployed two film units and three still photo units, equipped with cutting-edge Phantom cameras and even a bolt robot. Additionally, we had a post-producer present on set to optimize the shooting process right from the start.

Our Craft

A shooting plan that combined the best of tabletop and our nimble strategy.

  • Film production of a santa clara commercial
  • a light film set taking product photos of santa clara products
  • Two camera set up filming two people in a santa clara commercial

A robust social strategy enhances the impact of engaging content.

In total, we produced around 100 stock videos and 80 photos for Santa Clara to use across multiple platforms, encompassing both above-the-line and below-the-line activities. That said, the creation of a full year’s worth of digital content wasn’t an isolated effort; rather, an integral part of a well-crafted social strategy aimed at delivering meaningful content to the target audience. On top of being produced at a fraction of the regular cost, the assets were developed with a social-first approach and an insights-driven process—laying the groundwork for the brand’s long-term, highly-fruitful social presence.





  • 80 still photos produced.
  • 100 stock videos produced.

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