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Leaders in brand experience design and innovation.

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We are the architects of industry-defining brand experiences.

Over the last four decades, digital transformation has been the catalyst for growth. However, a new generation of digital natives with distinctive and high expectations has emerged. As experts in brand experience, we see every brand touchpoint as an opportunity to inspire, engage and innovate.

Our approach is centered around the power of bringing strategic, creative and in-house production together. We deliver award-winning, big-idea thinking through our unparalleled storytelling, exceptional craft and industry-defining digital expertise. 

Redefining the future of virtual events

  1. Work

    ComplexLand • We translated the experience of ComplexCon into a shoppable, digital-first journey enjoyed by the most discerning trendsetters in culture.

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    Realizing that trendsetters are increasingly just as interested in their digital identities as their physical ones, we leveraged this insight into new consumer behaviors to design ComplexLand.

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  4. A shoe drop happens in ComplexLand
  5. Since the start of our partnership years ago, ComplexLand has grown into a profitable media and retail platform that combines commerce and entertainment.

    It’s the first of its kind to condense more than 70 brands into one shared virtual experience—allowing the institution to establish new partnerships with the hottest brands driving culture today.

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Monk Thoughts Today’s consumers have seen it all and done it all – simply put, they expect infinitely more from brand experiences. Earning their affinity and their business requires insight and strategy rooted in culture, matched with highly innovative and disruptive thinking.
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Experience is everything.

As experts in brand experience design, we work to elevate and innovate your brand through every single consumer touchpoint.

We are your consultancy, agency and production arm all in one, specifically designed to help modern brands looking to disrupt, differentiate, and innovate everywhere customers interact with them. We exist to make complex problems simple.


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Monk Thoughts We love experimenting with immersive spaces that engage the senses, evoke emotions, and build connections. Through innovative creative technology and interactivity, we transport audiences into a new level of brand engagement.
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Bringing the future of urban living to life

A large airplane hanger all lit up in the night
A large white circular exhibit piece with large screens on the inside of it

Case Study

Ellinikon Experience CentreA permanent, large-scale exhibition inviting people to experience Europe’s greatest urban redevelopment project to date.

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And it’s working…

  • $700,000+ in sales during the 5 days of ComplexLand 1.0
  • Complexland 2.0’s gamified virtual shopping increased sponsorship revenue by 60%
  • 700K fans visited The Weekend x Spotify AI experience in the first 48 hrs
  • 104 press articles & 2.1B impressions in 24 hrs for SONOS latest launch event
Monk Thoughts Our goal is to deliver more personalized experiences for consumers and brands as efficiently as possible. Fans are increasingly craving personalized content, so we use the latest technologies and platforms to build upon our next-generation broadcasting solutions and deliver content people most want to watch.
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Announcing software-defined production...

A new cost-efficient and carbon-reducing production offering available for video capture and live broadcast that will save you 50% or more on legacy production expenses, powered by NVIDIA, AWS, and Adobe.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI