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The Product

Expand your broadcast potential with software-defined production.

Virtualizing production to accelerate and innovate workflows, drastically reduce costs and decrease your global carbon footprint.

A person in a mocap suit on a soundstage
video editing a live broadcast




Create versatile, scalable, software-defined production systems while minimizing the risks of traditional broadcast.

Our software-defined broadcast infrastructure revolutionizes traditional broadcast pipelines by eliminating the need for a physical plant, enabling you to operate a 24/7 broadcast center with a globally distributed crew, selected based on their skills rather than location. With a secure, distributed infrastructure that offers robust redundancy, our software-defined offering reduces the risks incurred by traditional broadcasting workflows and slashes costs by an estimated 50% or more. In essence, software-defined production fundamentally changes teams’ relationships with equipment, crews and audiences, helping them deliver more to their organization.

  1. Case Study

    Terry’s Terrific Fitness Fantasy • We partnered with Verizon, GoNoodle, and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to produce a cutting-edge broadcast that brought the popular world of GoNoodle to life.

  2. Tua Tagovailoa and Terry on a production stage filming

    Using Verizon’s low-latency 5G network, we blended mocap data and multiple camera feeds into a seamless, interactive virtual world.

  3. 4 screens showing the film production
    Terry a blue 3D animated character
  4. The broadcast integrated live video of a classroom in Chicago, bringing students into the broadcast in real time—and encouraging kids everywhere to get up and play.

  5. Want to learn more? See the full case.

For More!

Evolve with the changing habits of today’s viewers.

The broadcast industry is in the process of intense transformation, spurred by trends that are challenging the industry in fundamental ways: shifting business economics due to the migration of linear to digital, consolidation of archives due to merger or acquisition, and an emphasis on sustainability. Add to that an antiquated infrastructure, with legacy workloads requiring heavy investment in (and transportation of) physical equipment and an overall lack of flexibility to reflect the dynamic requirements of broadcasting today. Software-defined production addresses each of these changes.


Software-defined production runs on the latest cutting-edge technology: NVIDIA, AWS, Adobe, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, RED Digital Cinema, Vizrt, and Central Control.

Start your software-defined production journey now.


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Delivering an immersive, interactive experience never seen before in broadcast.

Someone wearing a VR headset
A person slamdunking a basketball
A basketball

Case Study

NBA in VRWe partnered with Meta to bring the NBA to viewers everywhere, with 56 games in three seasons broadcast via VR.

See Full Case Study

How We Work

Learn about your options to harness the power of software-defined production, and begin reducing costs and streamlining workflows now.

Sprints and Consulting

Your cloud transformation, your way.

Broadcast Cloud Integrator and Consulting Services are designed for your needs. Sprints often include an initial assessment tailored to your unique situation with the goal of determining the feasibility and benefits of migrating to the cloud. From there, we can identify workflows, create macro signal flows, and propose an initial long-term strategy and migration workflow. Cost comparison, comparative risk assessment and sustainability benefit sprints ensure we can build a solution with your goals in mind.

Enterprise Consulting includes, but is not limited to:

  • Long-term staff augmentation
  • Long-term cloud control room leasing
  • End-to-end to builds
  • Long-term service agreements
  • Multi-year amortization and financial structuring
  • Complete and evolving architectural diagrams

Software-Defined Broadcasting

A solution for every maturity level.

Our software-defined broadcasting services span two offerings: software-defined production Managed Service and Virtual Deployable Control Rooms. Designed specifically for those with minimal cloud or broadcast experience who want to use a virtualized workflow for broadcast solutions, software-defined production Managed Service provides staff augmentation and in-housing, managed cloud control rooms, and on-location production services to customers. Our scalable model lets customers adjust Virtual Deployable Control Rooms to meet their needs; with as-a-service delivery, we manage the performance, security and software applications of your infrastructure within a cloud environment.

Fan-Focused AI Highlights

Expand your broadcast rights with Fan-Focused AI Highlights.

Fan-Focused AI Highlights utilizes AI and machine learning to select highlights from live broadcasts and more effectively distribute custom content highlights to tailored interest-based audiences. By training AI models on extensive footage, Fan-Focused AI Highlights can generate a high volume of clips for a wide array of platforms, eliminating the need for manual selection and editing. The speed and scalability of this service enables the creation of specialized content tailored to niche audiences, like focusing on a specific player for dedicated fans or curating shots of players' footwear for sneakerheads. Ultimately, Fan-Focused AI Highlights aims to help rights holders expand their audiences and increase the value of their content across channels. And this can all be done while eliminating the need for single-use equipment and working remotely, thus offering a scalable and cost-effective solution.

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Please fill out the following quick questions so our team can get in touch with you.

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Choose your language

Choose your language

The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI