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A logo style copy with Batalla de los Pollos
A chicken sandwich with an drawn image on top of glasses and a red cap
Mexico’s top freestyling artist ‘Aczino’ is standing in front of a red car holding a KFC chicken sandwich

The Battle of the Chickens • A Cultural Campaign to Engage With Freestyle Fans

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A culturally-relevant campaign that resonates with young audiences.

With a global presence spanning across the globe, KFC is primarily known for its signature fried chicken. In Mexico, the American brand has firmly established itself as a beloved fast-food chain, with its unique menu and the Colonel’s secret recipe serving as key elements of its brand identity. However, in 2022, the brand ought to introduce a brand-new product to the country: the Kentucky Chicken Sandwich. To generate curiosity, intrigue and conversation surrounding this new creation, we devised an impactful social-first campaign that taps into the power of freestyle rap battles, known as “rooster battles” in Spanish—a perfect match for a chicken-centric brand.

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  • KFC
Client Words This campaign aimed primarily to connect with our younger consumers, promoting the brand in an authentic and organic way while linking it to a winning product like the Kentucky Chicken Sandwich. We always accept the challenge to create actions that build cultural relevance for new generations.
Headshot of Ernesto Hernandez KFC Marketing manage

Ernesto Hernandez

Marketing Manager at KFC Mexico

A three-time world champion amplifies a winning product.

When it comes to driving interest from a specific audience and creating something meaningful for them, partnering with the experts adds an invaluable touch of authenticity. With this in mind, we joined forces with renowned Mexican rapper Aczino, who composed an original song about the Kentucky Chicken Sandwich. We then invited everyone to follow his steps with a simple challenge: craft your finest rhymes and receive a 30% discount. In no time, the initiative sparked a rap frenzy across restaurants, drive-throughs, and social media platforms—amassing over a hundred million views and turning KFC into a three-day trending topic.

Our Craft

A digital-first campaign with authenticity at its core.

  • Mexico’s top freestyling artist ‘Aczino’ is singing in the car with his friends
  • Mexico’s top freestyling artist ‘Aczino’ is rapping in his car
  • Mexico’s top freestyling artist ‘Aczino’ is sitting in his living room with KFC buckets of chicken and chicken sandwiches in front of him on the table
  • Mexico’s top freestyling artist ‘Aczino’ taking a bite of his KFC chicken sandwich
  • The poster of the social campaign featuring Mexico’s top freestyling artist ‘Aczino’

Unlocking a freestyle frenzy through strategic content.

To amplify the campaign far and wide, our film experts produced a series of promotional music videos starring Aczino. We seamlessly incorporated the artist’s visual identity into the videos, blending it harmoniously with KFC’s signature color palette. This approach, combined with a powerful social strategy, proved to be the perfect recipe for viral success on TikTok. As fans were inspired to showcase their freestyle skills, professional rappers organically joined in, adding to the momentum. Brands across the world replicated the challenge, too, leveraging freestyle to promote cars, nails and even real estate—thus generating a snowball effect that made this KFC launch their most successful to date.

A person creating a rap to get 30% discount at KFC
Black and white poster with Mexico’s top freestyling artist ‘Aczino’ left and right and the white copy in the center that says A RAP BATTLE.
KFC chicken sandwich
KFC chicken sandwich
Press Quote We wanted to do something meaningful and relevant for music fans, and we found an opportunity in freestyle.
Read on PRODU. Media.Monks fue premiada como Agencia del Año en IAB Mixx 2023


  • 106 million views on TikTok
  • Trending topic in Mexico during the first three days.
  • 198k interactions.
  • 1x El Ojo Award

  • 1x Effies

  • 4x Circulo Creativo Awards

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI