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#CareWithPride • Influencers Inspiring Meaningful Action

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Case Study


Every person has the right to a family.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. And they deserve to be treated equally. So Johnson & Johnson wanted to start a conversation around LGBTQIA+ rights and the key role that the nonprofit organization Family Equality plays in driving positive change in society.

By partnering with Media.Monks, Johnson & Johnson was not only able to build advocates for positive social change, but for their brands as well. Through the #CareWithPride campaign, we helped them build an influencer network that authentically represented and connected with audiences to drive donations and awareness toward Family Equality, whose mission is to advance the legal and lived equality of LGBTQIA+ families.

Elevating community voices.

To support this important cause, we asked a group of 42 outspoken and engaging influencers—individuals and families handpicked for their connection with the target audience—to add a little more color to the world. By participating in two #CareWithPride campaigns throughout the second half of 2020, these creators shared inspiring stories about what family means to them and what they take pride in, exciting audiences to support this important initiative and helping change hearts and minds.

Inspiring meaningful action.

To spark the conversation and celebrate the cause even more, we painted social media with a branded filter for Instagram Stories, and brought all of the influencers together in a short video that was shared by each of our superstar creators after being released on the company’s own channels.

By leveraging meaningful times of year like Pride Month and National Coming Out Day in the US, we helped Johnson & Johnson feed the feeds with support and creative expression from across the community—and put the advancement of legal and lived equality for LGBTQIA+ families front and center. The #CareWithPride hashtag made it easy for people to share the message with a broader audience to keep the initiative top of mind while allowing users to connect with brands they already trust and love.


  • 16 million combined impressions.
  • 43% increase in earned media content.
  • 413% increase in product page views.
  • 462% uplift in sales.
  • 1x Influencer Marketing Award

  • 2x Pro Awards


A response to be proud of.

Everyone has the right to form and sustain loving families and live in communities that recognize, respect, protect and value them. The #CareWithPride campaign—supported by an enthusiastic influencer network handpicked by Media.Monks—helped Johnson & Johnson not only drive awareness for the need to advance legal and lived equality of LGBTQIA+ families but also generate much-needed funding to further the cause.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI