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Data Analytics at Scale • Getting 1,400 Partners Playing Team Ball

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200 hours saved.

Based on a templated approach to measurement, we deployed both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics reliably, consistently, and at scale across over 1,400 sites in under two weeks. This reduced an estimated manual workload of more than 200 hours to just minutes, bringing human input to an absolute minimum and assuring high quality data using QA automation.

Data, data everywhere.

SIDEARM Sports is the technology engine that powers websites, mobile apps, video streaming, ecommerce and unique digital fan experiences to over 1,400 partners in college athletics. And that’s a ton of data. 

To best manage this data firehose, SIDEARM wanted Google Universal Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) deployed over all 1,400 partner sites to ensure data quality throughout the entire organization. Integral to SIDEARM’s success was minimizing time-consuming, manual work and automating as much of the configuration process as possible.

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Optimization, automation, organization.

The strategy was to employ a single visual interface so coding and manual changes are virtually eliminated, and site instrumentation can be rolled out easily and accurately. To do this, Media.Monks developed a cloud-hosted tool that utilizes Google Analytics Management and Google Tag Manager API functionality for automating configuration tasks. The tool also automates future configuration updates so SIDEARM is always in lockstep with its partner.

To assure data quality, we built another tool to check the status of sites and their dataLayers by verifying it against a master data source that contains all the true values for the sites. To assure the data was being collected reliably, the tool produces a spreadsheet that can be audited within a few minutes allowing people with little technical GA expertise to QA the setup.

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Client Words [Media.Monks] got all our 1,400 online properties operating on Google Marketing Platform in record time which reduced staff hours, improved data quality, and got us making faster business decisions.
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Jeffrey Rubin

Chief Executive Officer, SIDEARM Sports

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