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Making way for marketing data transformation with Data.Monks Foundations.

Driven by our unified approach across people, process, and tech, we translate digital marketing data from isolated glimpses of consumers, channels, and campaigns into a clear and connected story.

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On your mark, the future of data-driven marketing is in view.

As part of Media.Monks’ data and digital media services, Data.Monks Foundations helps brands translate their digital marketing data—often isolated glimpses of consumers, channels, and campaigns—into a clear, connected story. Driven by our unitary business composition and our unified approach across people, process, and tech, Data.Monks Foundations paves the path for marketing data transformation—with incredible results as the (predicted) outcome.

Supporting brands with meeting the demands of a new era, Data.Monks Foundations represents the future of data-driven marketing infrastructure—and we’re excited to show you why facts and figures are the wave of the future.

Mondelēz is putting data.monks foundations to work

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    Mondelēz Data and Measurement • By unlocking data from silos and transforming digital ad measurement, we helped Mondelēz achieve a +70% global return on investment.

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    Digital marketing is most effective when you know how to whet consumers’ appetite and play to their taste—and this takes on an entirely new relevance when you’re a global snacking brand like Mondelēz.

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  6. Want to hear more about our partnership with Mondelēz, check out the full case:

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Making sense of common statistical challenges.

If you ask us, it was written in the stars—and the numbers—that data and digital maturity would turn out to be key drivers of marketing growth and efficiency. As such, it’s no surprise that more digitally mature businesses are seeing impressive results because of their data-driven efforts.

That said, the natural state of marketing data can be a mare’s nest, and it often takes two (or more) people to put this “unregulated” muddle into order. Having worked with a wide variety of brands, we’ve been able to distill frequently asked questions into three common concerns. 

  • Low data quality is an important problem, which stems from non-standardized data that’s lacking effective Quality Assurance processes and ultimately leads to a loss of trust in reports and dashboards. 
  • Data sprawl spiraling out of control is another significant issue, which results from disconnected adtech and martech solutions that are run by disparate teams and agencies and typically lack an authoritative system of record. 
  • Limited data access is another common challenge, meaning that the available data is not capable of driving innovation or decisions. This is a consequence of access issues, lacking intercompatibility, or slowness—leaving marketers unable to access reporting, query data sets, or perform advanced analytics in any centralized, timely or efficient way.

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we'll cover how to drive real change, productivity tools, activation use-cases, and take a look at your stakeholder priorities. Let's chat.

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Here's a handful of clients that are putting data.monks foundations to work.

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In partnership with

  • Mondelēz
Client Words We were the first CPG company in our category to be able to see the direct correlation between our digital advertising and sales.
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Jon Halvorson

VP Global Media, Mondelēz International

Cleaning, connecting and creating access to your data.

Unregulated data doesn’t come without consequences, and marketing underperformance and inefficiency is merely one of them. In order to show up for your consumers in whatever way you want to, it’s crucial to get your data (back) on track—and we’re here to help you meet these matters head-on. How? Data.Monks Foundations entails three coordinated workstreams, enabling our team to deliver fast and efficient results.

  • First, we address your data quality, which involves standardizing your data and ensuring data accuracy and fitness. 
  • Then, we eliminate data sprawl by centralizing your data assets in the cloud and establishing a single source of truth. Such a common system of record is a true miracle maker for your marketing efforts. 
  • Finally, we focus on facilitating data access, which entails opening up new pathways to data and reporting for all teams and tech that need it. From here on, it’s simply a matter of scaling.
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Reach out, whether you want a demo or the real deal.

A bespoke solution for your business, Data.Monks Foundations brings together the planners, the plans, and the builders into a transformation program that’s customized to fit your current state and your future objectives. Our approach is structured to hit the ground running, offer flexibility, and leave you in complete control of your data, tech, and strategy.

Are you ready for your marketing data infrastructure to become an engine for innovation and growth? Then the time is right to reach out to our Data.Monks team and schedule a demo, so that we can take a technical deep-dive into your data. In just 90 minutes, we’ll cover how to drive real change, walk through our Data.Monks Foundations productivity tools, review activation use-cases, and take a close look at your stakeholder priorities.

Want to talk data foundations? Get in touch.

In just 90 minutes,

we'll cover how to drive real change, productivity tools, activation use-cases, and take a look at your stakeholder priorities. Let's chat.

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