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Driving more profit from marketing through predictive modeling.

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30% ROI from our measurement services
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Delivering more profit from marketing.

By building marketing effectiveness models, we help our partners understand what drives sales with the aim to increase profit. This gives us the ability to answer a range of crucial client questions.

  • What is the incremental impact of our media?
  • What is the ROI of our media activity?
  • How can we optimize our media budget for more sales and profit?
  • Which campaigns perform the best and why?

Typically, we deliver between $2m and $20m profit per project, and on average improve a brand’s ROI by approximately 30%.

Monk Thoughts In all, we deliver results 95% faster than our competitors—within only four days, rather than up to six months—and find that our partners, on average, experience a 30% improvement in ROI. The numbers don’t lie, that’s a serious profit gain.
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Using the principles of Market Mix Modeling across the marketing funnel, we help brands create a level measurement playing field by taking everything that affects campaign performance into account—from media activities to internal operations decisions and even external factors such as seasonality and competitor activity.

Doing things differently.

De-silo media measurement

  • We connect measurement capabilities to de-silo digital and offline media measurement and deliver one unified ROI.

Speeding up MMM

  • We fast-track Market Mix Modeling to deliver model updates in only four days, rather than two to six months, by combining automatic data feeds, machine learning MMM and digital reporting.

Privacy compliant and future-proof

  • We help our partners build measurement capabilities in-house so that they are in control of the models, all the while taking a cookie-less approach to measurement to future-proof against deprecation of the 3rd party cookie.

Providing clarity

  • We translate complex data into really clear insights, helping our partners realize significant profit gains—typically between $2m and $20m profit gain per project—which has resulted in a 92% client approval rating, with brands citing clarity as our key attribute.

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A measured approach tallies over one million in savings

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    Retail Media Measurement • For a major retail brand looking to measure media spend, we built models across store and e-commerce traffic and sales while isolating the incremental uplift of each media channel, which helped the brand save millions of dollars.

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    How do we know £43m is the right media budget between digital and brand spends? By measuring the incremental and long-term effect of all media channels to set up our client for success.

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  4. Reforecasting spend in media analytics
  5. By measuring long-term effects from each media channel and brand health data, we discovered that the client was overspending. 

    We maximized profit and reduced budget by taking money away from oversaturated TV and Paid Search. There was a net profit gain of £8.7m.

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Monk Thoughts Our holistic, unified approach provides all marketeers with the evidence to act confidently in driving the greatest return on investment possible for each dollar spent, which is especially important when navigating more economically challenging times.
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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI