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4 Ways to Elevate Your Business with Buy with Prime

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If you are a retail brand looking to boost your online sales, then you probably have heard about Amazon’s strategic new program, Buy with Prime. At this point, you may be wondering what Buy with Prime is all about and if the program is right for your brand. Look no further, because we will explore below how brands can maximize the benefits that Buy with Prime offers to DTC ecommerce platforms.

Everything to know about Buy with Prime.

Buy with Prime is Amazon’s latest strategic program launched in April 2022, allowing Prime members to utilize their Prime benefits on eligible purchases on a brand's direct-to-consumer (DTC) site with fast, free shipping and a checkout experience millions of shoppers trust. Since then, Buy with Prime has been expanded to all US-based merchants. A notable detail is that you do not need to be an Amazon Seller to participate in this program, meaning you can offer Buy with Prime on your ecommerce site without showing up on

“Buy with Prime is a brilliant move by Amazon to move upstream of DTC and offer the biggest benefit of a Prime membership—free two-day shipping—without having to go to Amazon's website,” says John Ghiorso, SVP of Global Ecommerce at Media.Monks. “This is a strategic move by Amazon to address one of its biggest threats: customers bypassing Amazon altogether in their ecommerce journey.”

By clicking the Buy with Prime button, shoppers can check out by signing into their Amazon account. The payment method and shipping details are pre-populated, which allows a seamless experience for shoppers to conveniently make a purchase. 

Buy with Prime lets brands build strong customer relationships and brand loyalty while offering conversion-driving benefits. Amazon Prime members see the Prime logo and delivery promise on eligible products, which signals that the item is available for free delivery and easy returns—a win-win for both consumers and brands. Check out even more benefits below.

Increase conversion rates. 

The most apparent benefit of Buy with Prime is the potential increase in conversion rates. According to Amazon, the program has been shown to increase shopper conversion by 25% on average. This means shoppers are more likely to place an order when Buy with Prime is available. 

“I’m most excited about the increases in conversion rates (on average 25%) early merchants have seen since implementing Buy with Prime on their websites,” says Christina Bender, Director of Amazon Partnerships at Media.Monks. “Buy with Prime reduces the friction for the end customer. Additionally, the Buy with Prime team constantly updates their product, listening to customer and partner feedback.”

Offload the logistical stress from online purchases. 

As brands expand their online presence and ecommerce grows in popularity, they will need to strategize the most taxing part of selling online: handling shipping and returns. Amazon Prime has changed consumer behavior tremendously, so much so that shoppers now expect deliveries in two days. Retailers who don’t offering similar timelines often get overlooked as a result.

“The biggest benefit to Buy with Prime for Amazon partners is the time they will get back,” says Scott Miller, Director of Business Management at Media.Monks. “By outsourcing the payment and delivery process to Amazon, brands will free up their employee’s bandwidth to focus on what matters most: customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.”

With Buy with Prime, brands can take advantage of Amazon's vast logistics network and offer the same reliable shipping and easy returns that Amazon Prime members expect from the online retailer. This can save brands significant time, resources, and money on logistics and customer service, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating and selling great products.

Access to a loyal customer base. 

Brands can tap into the millions of U.S.-based Prime members who trust and prefer the experience, allowing brands to build strong customer relationships and brand loyalty. When a brand joins the Buy with Prime program, their products become visible to millions of Prime members on and across Amazon's mobile apps, which can significantly increase brand visibility and drive more sales. Another example of integration between the Amazon platform and a brand’s own are customer reviews, which further build trust.

“The recent announcement of having the option to display customer reviews from within their ecommerce store helps brands showcase the positive customer feedback they have already received about their products,” says Jordan Kushan, Senior Account Manager at Media.Monks. “Customers get the benefit of seeing what is popular from a trusted source. It is a clear win-win."

Optimize your Amazon strategy with Buy with Prime analytics. 

Finally, the Buy with Prime program also provides brands with valuable data and insights that can be used to optimize their sales strategy. This data can include customer behavior, purchase history, and demographics, which can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve the customer experience.

Get started with Buy with Prime now.

If you’re interested in adding Buy with Prime to your website, confirm your eligibility here. After setting up Buy with Prime, you can identify which products that will offer the Buy with Prime button. Then, simply add the Buy with Prime button code to your existing website and you’re good to go.

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive ecommerce landscape, the Buy with Prime program presents an enormous opportunity for brands to grow their DTC stores and take advantage of the Amazon platform—all while increasing conversions and fostering customer relationships. By joining the program, brands can leverage Amazon’s extensive distribution infrastructure and take advantage of the wealth of data and insights that Amazon offers. 

Media.Monks is an Amazon Ads Advanced Partner, and our dedicated team of experts specialize in growing brands' businesses on the Amazon platform. We can help you make the most of the Buy with Prime program and drive more sales and revenue for your brand. 

Want to strategize a winning game plan for your brand to grow sales and relationships in 2023?


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