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Media.Monks Will Be at NVIDIA GTC 2024—Why You Should Go and What There Is to See

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Written by
Henry Cowling
Chief Innovation Officer

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GTC, NVIDIA’s global AI conference, is just around the corner, running from March 18-21 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. An annual computer graphics and AI event long frequented by developers, business leaders, researchers and IT professionals, GTC has become important to our industry as marketers seek to leverage the latest advances in AI and CG, explore how they can be applied to the consumer experience, and create a positive impact on their marketing bottom line.

Our world is moving toward accelerated computing, with workloads being adapted into efficient AI workflows—including our Monks.Flow professional managed service, which connects exceptional talent with the greatest AI tools, APIs and models, all within easily orchestrated pipelines. Integrated with the latest innovations from NVIDIA, AWS and other technologies, we’ve built best-in-class solutions across each of our practices: Content, Data and Media. At GTC, we’ll demonstrate these solutions, and attendees can get a chance to see them in action.

Check us out at the NVIDIA XR Zone Pavilion – Monks.Flow and OpenUSD.

Stop by the NVIDIA XR Zone Pavilion to get a sneak peek at Monks.Flow, an AI-centric professional managed service that streamlines how humans and machines interoperate at every step of the marketing journey, from building business intelligence to delivering hyper-personalized creative content. Monks.Flow leverages NVIDIA CloudXR and the NVIDIA Omniverse OpenUSD development platform to help brands virtually explore different customizable product designs and unlock scale and hyper-personalization across any customer journey.

Stop by the AWS booth (#708) for more on Monks.Flow, implementations and its use cases.

In addition to the NVIDIA XR Zone Pavilion, you’ll also find our featured space at the AWS booth, #708. There, we’ll have a dedicated kiosk where you can meet the Monks and learn all about the AI solutions built on AWS and NVIDIA technology that we’re delivering to CMOs.

We have designed a state-of-the-art workflow that helps marketers make better decisions by allowing them to chat directly with their customer personas, which are enriched with a comprehensive knowledge base and multiple large language models. This workflow delivers a tailored, secure, and scalable AI language framework for clients. Providing an understanding of language, context, emotion, and tone, these demos showcase the types of dynamic, low-latency interactions made possible by AI.

An animatronic in the form of an alien sits atop a crate.

Meet Wormhole, our animatronic alien, at the AWS booth (#708).

Wormhole, our out-of-this-world animatronic alien, will be stationed at our kiosk, ready to chat with passersby. Connected to the cloud and powered by AWS AI tools, including Bedrock, Amazon Sagemaker and Amazon Polly, Wormhole demonstrates lifelike movement and speech and serves as a prototype for the kinds of human-to-robot creations that are made possible by advances in AI—with a touch of humor.

After chatting up Wormhole, stick around for a showcase of Novo, a lifelike virtual human. The ultra-realistic avatar integrates NVIDIA NeMo and NVIDIA Audio2Face, both part of the NVIDIA ACE suite of technologies, to deliver an immersive and engaging conversational experience.

Don’t miss informative talks throughout GTC.

How Media.Monks Builds Generative AI Experiences (March 20, 10am PDT)

If you want to learn more about Wormhole and how it all came together, don’t miss this talk led by Iran Reyes (VP, Global Head of Engineering, Media.Monks), Peter Altamirano (VP, Global Head of Technology, Media.Monks), and Gregoire Rouyer (Global Partner Strategy Lead, AWS). Taking viewers behind the scenes into the creation of Wormhole, the trio will discuss relevant AWS AI tools, including Bedrock, Amazon Sagemaker and Amazon Polly. Learn how it was built and pose your questions to the team!

Revolutionizing Fan Engagement: Unleashing the Power of AI in Software-Defined Production (March 21, 10am PDT)

Presented by Lewis Smithingham, SVP of Innovation and Creative Solution at Media.Monks, this talk will discuss how software-defined broadcast and Monks.Flow for Media and Entertainment are transforming broadcast and unlocking cost reduction, content scalability, talent acquisition, sustainability and more.

Our advanced live production pipeline is powered by NVIDIA hardware, including NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs and NVIDIA L40S GPUs, to support 8K 60fps pipelines for live broadcast. Media.Monks’ latest iteration of broadcast and content delivery tools integrates NVIDIA Holoscan for Media to serve hyper-personalized content to fans across new media formats. In order to build this content at speed and scale, Media.Monks utilizes the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK, part of the NVIDIA Metropolis platform for developing vision AI solutions, to identify in-frame images within specific broadcast segments. It also uses the NVIDIA NeVA model, hosted with the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, which etches relevant metadata information to accurately deliver the segment to interest-based audience groups. Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) is used to aggregate and segment audience data sets, and, in turn, serve hyper-personalized content to viewers with incredible precision. Finally, the software-defined production pipeline brings together a series of technologies from AWS, including EC2 (instance types G4dn and G5), CloudFront, Route 53, CloudWatch, and CloudTrail.

Watch the presentation to learn how it all comes together to help brands and broadcast rights-holders reach incredibly specific and granular audiences—for example, a basketball viewer in Utah who likes rap music, collecting sneakers, and gaming.

Image of a volleyball game overlaid with digital information.

Augmented by AI, software-defined production enables brands to create hyper-personalized content at speed and scale.

AI Orchestration for the CMO with Monks.Flow

Take a look at Monks.Flow, our professional managed service for marketers that trades manual workloads for AI workflows. The platform-agnostic orchestration tool is designed to work across an organization’s existing tech stack and is built around the unique needs of the enterprise. Monks.Flow and our consulting practice help CMOs reduce costs, select tools and partners, develop model and owned data strategies, integrate teams, build business intelligence and maximize marketing impact.

Our latest Monks.Flow release is Persona.Flow, which provides deep consumer intelligence by simulating detailed, interactive consumer personas that are engaged in a question-and-answer format. Facilitated by a RAG framework that orchestrates brand and factual consumer data, Persona.Flow provides brands with the insights they need to fuel content generation and creativity at scale.

While we’ll have videos at the kiosk inside AWS booth #708 demonstrating the abilities of Monks.Flow, VP, Emerging Tech and R&D Sander van der Vegte and EVP, Innovation Michael Dobell will also be presenting on the solution at the nearby AWS In-Booth Theatre, located at the AWS booth. Stop by on March 20 at 1:50pm PDT for the formal presentation, or stop by at our kiosk any time to learn more. Viewers will learn firsthand how AI-powered workflows are enabling marketing-led transformation across the enterprise.

We can’t wait to see you!

As we approach NVIDIA GTC, we invite everyone to join us in exploring the incredible potential of AI and machine learning. From advanced workflows to immersive conversational experiences, we’re excited to provide a glimpse into how these technologies are transforming the industry now, not just in the future. We hope to see you there!


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