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Media.Monks Wins 3 Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Awards

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I’m thrilled to share that Media.Monks has earned three honors from the Business Intelligence Group’s Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Awards! This awards program aims to recognize organizations, products and people who apply AI to solve real problems in their respective industries—and I’m proud to say that we’ve been placed among all three of those categories.

First, Co-CEO of our Content practice, Wesley ter Haar, has won an award in the Individual category for his role in rallying our team around AI innovation. Our collective team has been awarded in the Organization – Strategic Planning category for our accomplishments in building AI workflows designed to help marketing teams overcome a wide breadth of creative and marketing challenges. And one of those workflows was honored as well, with Monks.Flow achieving a win in the Product – Hybrid Intelligent System category, just three months shy of the service’s initial launch.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Monks.Flow is an AI-centric, professional managed service that streamlines how humans and machines work together. News of the win comes hot off the heels of the launch of Persona.Flow, an expansion of the Monks.Flow service that provides deep consumer intelligence by simulating detailed, interactive consumer personas that marketers can engage with in real-time conversation. But overall, the trio of wins showcase the holistic efforts of our team—from individual influence to collective experimentation and innovation—to lead the industry in the AI economy.

Monks.Flow solves high-value use cases for marketers.

The powers of generative AI grow more impressive by the day, but we noticed a key perception challenge in early discussions with brand leadership: while AI-generated visuals are certainly remarkable, marketers felt that the output still lacked the kind of quality required for their specific marketing needs. We also realized that AI’s benefits went far beyond making individuals more productive; rather, automated workflows could help align business units and enable greater collaboration across teams.

We sought to address both challenges and opportunities in the development of Monks.Flow, which empowers marketers to exercise complete control over AI’s output across the life of a campaign. The service weaves together numerous workflows designed for developing insights, building assets at scale, adapting content, measuring performance and optimization and more—meaning teams can shape and influence the AI according to their precise requirements with custom brand models that are accessed in a safe and secure environment.

We continue to expand Monks.Flow to solve emerging needs with AI.

Ultimately, our goal is to streamline the ways humans and AI work together—and our latest innovation Persona.Flow takes this goal a step further, bridging the gap between brands and their customers. Persona.Flow is an interface that allows brands to speak to their data and get inside the minds of their audiences by conversing with dynamic, AI-powered personas. The core technology behind Persona.Flow is driven by a robust RAG framework that weaves together brand-owned data and factual data from market research libraries provided in partnership with data-driven marketing firm Claritas.

All of this enables brands to build up their customer insights, identify trends that resonate with consumers in real time, and act on those trends with incredible speed. Wesley ter Haar, who was also honored with an Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Award in the Individual category, compares these smart personas to digital twin technology. “Traditionally, digital twins allow you to test different scenarios, optimize existing workload and get warning signs when it comes to wear and tear. So that's quite a tried and tested concept when it comes to supply chains and factories,” he says. “Persona.Flow is a digital twin concept in which you create digital twins of your consumer base, allowing the ability to run hypotheses of your creative and marketing space.”

From workloads to workflows, we’re transforming the service model.

Monks.Flow represents another challenge that AI presents to our industry: the need to move beyond traditional, time- and materials-based business models to better reflect AI’s impact on work.

Our win in the Organization – Strategic Planning award category honors the work we have been doing to build a new service model designed for the AI economy. Others have shied away from the existential question of how you would rebuild an existing business for today’s reality, but we’ve embraced it. In pioneering a new commercial model for our industry, we’re building proven workflows that brands engage with via an SLA-based billing model that is focused on output.

Monk Thoughts Rapid innovation will continue to accelerate, and our industry will have a very different operating model because of it.
black and white photo of Wesley ter Haar

Looking ahead, there’s far more innovation to come. Following the keynote at this year’s NVIDIA GTC conference, ter Haar spoke on how the presentation focused on compute as a catalyst for transformative change that shows no signs of stopping. “If you had to make the case for what is the most important accelerator for our world at the moment, it seems to be compute. We're looking at a historic upswing in the ability to deliver that at scale."

Speaking to a Digiday reporter at the conference, he noted, “I think [NVIDIA President Jensen Huang’s] point is that everything that can either be automated or done by robots will be automated or done by robots.” With the growing importance of AI in the marketer’s toolkit, and NVIDIA’s growing role in building the foundational infrastructure that underpins it, shows like GTC will make their way onto more and more marketers’ calendars, serving as further evidence of how our industry continues to evolve with technology.

Looking ahead at accelerated technological transformation.

The world keeps changing—and fast. Our wins from the Business Intelligence Group’s Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Awards underscore our collective ambition to not only improve individual productivity, but rather fundamentally transform the entire business with AI, enabling a higher degree of coordination, speed and scale for brands.

This is marketing-led business transformation at work, adapting and evolving the enterprise to better reflect the AI economy. There is no doubt that AI will continue to play an integral role in ensuring that we operate smarter, faster and on a larger scale than ever before—and we’re excited to lead the charge along every step of the way.


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