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Fan dressed as Batman using VR to fly in the air

The Batman Experience • An Immersive Experience Transporting Fans From San Diego to Gotham City

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Case Study


A heroic effort in making childhood dreams come true.

After AT&T completed its acquisition of Time Warner, a new dynamic duo emerged, transferring ownership of DC Comics and its lineup of iconic superhero IP to the world’s largest telecommunications company. And with Batman soon to be inducted into Comic-Con’s Character Hall of Fame on his 80th anniversary, we helped AT&T show up with the guest of honor in style.
Through a super-sized, 360-degree encounter, The Batman Experience celebrated Batman across the decades (and the media), giving fans the opportunity to look behind the brooding hero’s mask. 

Letting imaginations soar like Batman.

The centerpiece of The Batman Experience was the Dark Knight Dive, combining the experience of free-falling with the creative possibilities of VR to produce a 4D experience that completely immersed fans in Gotham City. The experience put fans in pursuit of the Scarecrow, who had unleashed his fear toxin to take over the city. As they glided through Gotham in virtual reality, fans were literally blown away, with their bodies suspended in a wind tunnel to simulate the feeling of flying.

Batman characters playing with video controllers in the Batman Experience
Batman throws a punch while wearing boxing gloves
Some indoor skydiving facilities have thought to use VR, but none have done it with a Batman-themed CGI experience in which you fly through Gotham's cityscape in search of Scarecrow. At all of 77 seconds, it's not long ... but it's also utterly unprecedented.
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An immersive tour through Batman history.

There was even more to explore. Every fan dreams of exploring the Batcave, so we built one of our own in the form of a gaming lounge decked out in memorabilia through the ages. In the Rogue’s Gallery Rumble, fans could wallop their favorite villains, triggering sounds and light projections featuring classic illustrations with every hit—complete with “wham!” and “pow!” bubbles for onomatopoetic justice. 

The 68,000 sq. ft. activation earned praise in the press: the New York Times called Batman and AT&T “a new dynamic duo,” while WIRED declared the experience, “utterly unprecedented.”

Monk Thoughts We got to create unique narratives, artwork, 
and characters specifically 
for this activation with the guys who made the pop culture to begin with.
Man looking at camera


  • 22,000 visitors to the experience.
  • Average of 90 minutes spent within.
  • 158,000 punches and kicks registered.
  • 500 million impressions online.
  • 1x CLIO Award

  • 1x FWA

  • 1x Epica Award

  • 1x Webby

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI