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CTV Testing Drives Incremental B2B Pipeline • Generating Breakthrough MQL Results From Exciting New Channel

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  • 10x increase in MQLs in test DMAs vs. control markets
  • 70% more site sessions vs. controls

Breaking out of the bottom of the funnel.

Like many B2B SaaS organizations, Paycor, a leading human capital management (HCM) software provider, had mostly relied on bottom-funnel media to drive growth. But when Paycor’s leadership set their sights on market share expansion, it was clear that fresh goals called for an expanded strategy—and we were perfect for the task. Leveraging the expertise of our digital media and programmatic teams, we collaborated with the brand to devise an iterative testing program specifically for CTV, all aimed at building the brand and generating new demand.

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Spearheading the right test design for a paid media campaign.

First, we established a two-pronged measurement framework that combined incrementality testing with lower-funnel CRM metrics—in other words, a holistic approach that allowed for a comprehensive understanding of marketing effectiveness. To do so, we connected marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and bookings directly to our CTV investment. Then, we established a learning agenda for each test flight, making it easy for our client stakeholders to get and maintain leadership buy-in on the awareness initiative. 

Our initial pilot had a simple objective: test one-off flights to validate bottom-funnel impact and establish baselines for session lift, CRM data impact and latency.

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Media.Monks' expertise crafting an iterative testing program for Connected TV has proven invaluable. We are thrilled with the data-driven combinations of audiences, DMAs, ad placements, creative, and more that Media.Monks continues to deliver. Their partnership has been instrumental in driving our growth and achieving our goals.
Carly Pennekamp, Senior Marketing Manager at Paycor

Carly Pennekamp

Senior Marketing Manager

Scaling and optimizing through multicellular testing.

The following round of tests was in lockstep with the client leadership’s offline awareness initiatives, which were centered around scaling. We tested whether the positive performance could be sustained while expanding the number of ad platforms used and designated market areas (DMAs) targeted. With the results consistently meeting or exceeding performance benchmarks, we then transitioned into multicellular testing to further drive scale with data-driven combinations of audiences, DMAs, platforms, placements, creative and more.

MQLs and other down-funnel metrics witnessed remarkable growth in the DMAs exposed to CTV. Consequently, we resolved to continue launching systematic tests as part of a comprehensive CTV and online video customer acquisition program—a powerful strategy that is set to continually yield exponential returns.

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