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Tim Horton's world in roblox showcasing some of the obstacle courses
3d colorful world made from donuts and coffee

Tims Speed Run • Dodging Doughnuts and Catching Coffee in the Metaverse

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Sipping coffee while running sprints with Tim Hortons.

In celebration of National Coffee Day, Tim Hortons teamed up with our good friends from creative agency GUT to create Tims Run Club. This campaign consists of a cozy athleisure collection and a call to customers to do a Tims run without ever breaking a sweat. To dial it up a notch, we were tasked to help the beloved restaurant chain become the first Canadian QSR brand to enter the metaverse by translating its creative concept into a challenging Roblox obby (slang for “obstacle course”). Considering this popular game platform hosts around 52 million daily active users—the majority of whom are Gen Z—Tim Hortons saw a great opportunity to reach new audiences with this gamified experience.

A sprinkled donut
A red tim hortons red cup with coffee beans surrounding it
Press In the Canadian cafe chain’s game, called Tims Speed Run, players must race through hurdles ranging from spinning doughnuts and bagels to doughnut-hole boulders while carrying a tray of coffee.
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The virtual world’s most colorful and caffeinated obstacle course.

Picture this: You’re racing down colorful, sprinkle-covered steps, collecting all the golden coffee beans you can as you bounce up and down supersized everything bagels. You’re putting your best foot forward, and not even the full tray of always fresh, double-double coffees can slow you down. However, upon readjusting your grip, the course changes, and you and your four coffee cups are sent flying. Game over, it’s time to try again. No, this isn’t a strange dream you had, we’re talking about Tims Speed Run. Based on the art of speedrunning—the competitive act of playing a game as quickly as possible—Tims Speed Run challenges players to traverse the obstacle course as quickly as they can.

Monk Thoughts My favorite part has to be that it’s an authentic brand experience while still being relevant and tailored to Roblox players. All the products you’d expect to see at Tim Hortons in real life like Tim Bits, Donuts, Ice Caps, Cold Brew–you’ll find that in the Tims Speed Run as well.




Krista Lewis Associate Group Account Director

Breathing new life into familiar products.

Tims Speed Run brings iconic Tim Hortons products to life in the virtual world, allowing fans to experience these familiar goods in new, exciting ways. Players are invited to experience a wondrous celebration of Tims coffee and donuts in a world where the iconic imagery of the Canadian products are not only woven into the object of the game, but also into the structures and design of the world. To complete the Tims Run, players must sprint, jump, climb, slide and make sure their avatar doesn’t fall when traversing past swinging and rotating donuts, around Timbit boulders and down glazed icing slides—all in an effort to grab four hot coffees to-go and race back to the finish line in record-setting, leaderboard-making time.

Our Craft

Bringing iconic products to life in a virtual world

  • An avatar landing on a platform in tims speed run on roblox
  • An avatar jumping from platform to platform in tim hortons world in roblox
  • A avatar runs on a stripped pathway
  • A large view of tims speed run world within roblox

Additional fun for your avatar.

However, moving fast isn’t the only thing that makes for a solid Tims Run—you need a slick outfit, too. So, we made sure that each player’s avatar is all kitted out in Tims Run Club merchandise, bringing the brand’s athleisure collection into the digital experience. In addition, players can earn exclusive coffee and donut themed accessories, enabling them to express themselves in deliciously wacky ways by personalizing their avatars—which they can take with them wherever they go in Roblox. This way, players who collect enough golden coffee beans can make sure they’re dressed their best. As for the speediest players, they are immortalized as golden statues towering over the main player lobby. So, while you wait to start your Tims Run, take a moment to salute the best of the best and get inspired—who knows, your name might be up there one day.

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Choose your language

The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI