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A large piece of art sitting inside of a building, lit. 'the cube'. It's a projection design installation. Masterpiece work of art

CUBE: Fashion Takes Shape • Driving Art Installations with Data

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Case Study


Visualizing fashion brands’ digital footprint and face value.

In this hypercompetitive and hyperconnected world, brands face the daily challenge of how to stand out from the crowd and remain meaningful and memorable to consumers. The secret lies in knowing what sticks with your audiences—a tricky task, as audience perception isn't always obvious to brands. So, we teamed up with Google to solve this issue by creating the first-ever AI-powered interactive tool that provides a visual representation of a brand’s digital presence: CUBE.

A vibrant and fashionable crowd fills the scene, gathered in a dimly lit room. The atmosphere is electric as people mingle and socialize. In the center, a large projection screen commands attention, displaying captivating visuals.  The room is bathed in a mystical combination of purple and blue lighting, emanating from ceiling fixtures and casting an ethereal glow. This adds to the allure of the setting, creating an ambiance that is both alluring and mysterious.
In the image, a man in a black suit is standing in front of a large projection screen. The screen is prominently displayed against a pink background. The man is holding a cell phone, specifically a Samsung Galaxy S10e with a pixelated screen. He is also holding a microphone, indicating that he may be speaking or presenting at an event.  The man in the black suit is wearing a mustache and is surrounded by various objects and individuals. There is a small text in the image that reads "CUB" on the lower portio

Transforming complex data into key insights for marketers.

Google’s goal was to help brands in the fashion industry use their data to understand how they’re perceived by the outside world. Together with data artist Dr. Kirell Benzi, we used the latest machine learning techniques in natural language processing to create CUBE, which is both a physical art installation and an online platform. Connecting fashion with art and technology, we used state-of-the-art AI to translate massive volumes of data into seven prime topics for the fashion world with the aim to deliver accessible and meaningful insights for marketers.

Presenting the fashion industry with a striking AI-powered tool.

During Google’s hybrid fashion event in Milan, we demonstrated the impact of the 200m2 CUBE art installation to 300 C-level executives from across the globe, as we invited them to interact with the artwork and discover how consumers perceive their unique brand based on its online presence. Shining a bright spotlight on brand storytelling, the purpose was to show fashion brands how they can use data, digital media and Google AI tools to understand what consumers think of them and ultimately communicate better with their target audiences.

Our Craft

Bringing brand storytelling to the next level

  • a group of people standing next to each other, masterpiece work of art, looking partly to the left, people enjoying the show
  • a group of people standing next to each other, masterpiece work of art, looking partly to the left, people enjoying the show
  • The image shows a man in a suit standing in front of a screen. The man is the focal point of the image, as he is positioned prominently in the center. The screen is large and occupies a significant portion of the image.  On the screen, there is text that reads "Google presents", indicating that this is a presentation or event organized by Google. Adjacent to the main text, there are several smaller texts that read "Agenda", "Livestream", and "Artwork", likely indicating different sections or features of the


  • 500K fashion professionals reached online
  • 1,257 brands from 23 countries
  • 50K interactions with the artwork
  • 10K research downloads
  • 94% of guests recognize Google as the top tech company
  • +11 points in Google perception as strategic partner
  • 1x FWA

  • 1x Eventex Awards

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Choose your language

The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI