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Performance Creative

Data-driven design & testing for display, social and video.

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Fuel for the media engine.

As black-box algorithmic campaigns take over digital platforms, creative is the most critical lever to fuel new performance gains. The modern digital landscape requires all ad creative to be quantifiable, tested at scale, audience-specific and channel-native. To deliver on this, Media.Monks’ performance creative experts work hand-in-hand with media strategists and AI technology to rapidly produce and optimize new assets according to your business goals. Our solutions combine agile development, iterative testing, generative AI, and human ingenuity to deliver the most effective and relevant message to your target audience and unlock efficient growth for your brand.

Generating 44% more sales for Hatch.

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Case Study

High-Performance Ad CreativeLeveraging our insights in creative performance, we partnered with Hatch to help accelerate their creative output and keep up with growing demand.

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What We Do

  1. Our Services • We quickly concept and develop direct response creative, often from existing partner assets, to test against specific audiences and relevant funnel placements, fueling ROI from paid media efforts.

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    Unlock limitless test variations from your existing image and video assets with fresh copy, overlays, resizes and movement.

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    Build authentic customer relationships using high-quality UGC, with rapid time-to-market and pre-planned test iterations.

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    Stand out in your audience’s feeds with movement-first design, including video, GIFs, animation and more.

  5. Top 5 Best Amazon Storefront Examples

    Optimize and elevate your PDPs and brand store, from Amazon to TikTok Shop and other marketplaces.

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    Educate your target audience with explainers and attention-grabbing graphics, no photography needed.

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    Build a custom, modular content library to unlock thousands of performance tests with original photo and video assets.

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    Native design and fit-for-format testing helps your assets fit in on CTV, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

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Generative AI transforms the customer journey so we can test and create relevant experiences, faster.

AI in Creative

Text-to-image technology gets our creative in market faster, unlocking multiple benefits in the creative process. In addition to cutting down time spent on concepting and approvals with AI-generated mockups, the technology also speeds up QA with automated content checks based on your brand guidelines, testing taxonomy, and ad platform requirements.

Even the biggest brands have challenges maintaining fresh asset libraries, with long timelines and high cost to shoot new content. Generative AI allows us to get scrappy with existing content and create modularity. From new backgrounds to alternating models, localization to platform-native aspect ratios, the opportunities are endless.


Intelligent, AI-powered workflows from Monks.Flow.

An AI-centric managed service for brands ready to unlock personalization at scale.

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Case Study

AI-fueled production saves time and cuts costs for HP.

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Integrating test plans with design.

Our performance creative experts are embedded with our media strategists to put data-driven testing at the beginning of the development process, rather than retrofitting tests onto existing brand work. We start with custom learning agendas based on historical performance and your business goals, then bake in our testing dimensions to the creative concepts themselves, from visuals to value props to tone and more. We generate a tailored ad taxonomy to analyze results in aggregate, then fuel iteration quickly. Every decision is data-driven, while keeping your brand’s voice center stage.


Extension of your creative team, partner to your media buyers.

Media.Monks’ creative strategists form an agile bridge between your brand designers and your advertising experts, whether in-house or outsourced. Your creative team benefits from extended capacity, combined with deep knowledge of performance media best practices, while your media marketers can ramp up their testing velocity without sacrificing quality or learnings. ROI is our north star as we adapt your brand concepts and traditional media assets into bespoke digital iterations for each stage of the funnel and each ad placement. We are equally fluent in “art director,” “media buyer,” and “data analyst”—our cross-functional expertise seamlessly integrates us into your team to benefit your bottom line.

  1. Designing for performance benefits every vertical. • Motion-first testing can help B2B, SaaS, and digital platforms stand out from the pack.

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  5. Breathe life into your SaaS ads today.

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