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Media and creative that drive rocketship growth.

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Performance-first, always-testing, data-driven, growth-obsessed media and creative expansion pack for your brand.

In a world of accelerating digital transformation, performance marketing reigns supreme by driving direct revenue, leads, or new customers through innovative strategies. That's why our team is designed to build always-on growth machines rooted in a deep understanding of your business—and the metrics that truly matter. From Search to Programmatic to Amazon and more, we use media, creative, and data to scale the world’s fastest growing digital brands. The best part? We measure it all.

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Paid Search

Drive results with paid search marketing.

No matter your goal, search engine marketing is a foundational digital marketing channel—meaning you don't just want clicks; you want results. Working as an extension of your team, our best-in-class paid search experts and data-driven approach are designed to maximize your investment by providing you with measurable results to fuel your growth. Go beyond just placing ads and changing bids and unlock insights that can profoundly change your business for the better.

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    Audience-Based Market Growth • Leading Human Capital Management SaaS platform Paycor hired Media.Monks to segment and increase small/medium business leads for search.

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    Paycor and Media.Monks matched audiences by cross-referencing known audience data from Paycor's CRM with searchers who are already categorized and known to Google.

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  4. Using our Compass reporting tool, Paycor integrated their CRM data to analyze keyword groups based on historical behavior.

    These insights allowed teams to categorize search markets and personalize the customer journey. For the key SMB audience, teams were able to add price and funnel-specific language to ad messaging for those closer to the purchasing decision, resulting in a 67% increase in ad CTR.

    This kind of specificity had not been possible before, resulting in a 240% increase in leads and a 63% improvement in cost per acquisition.

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Paid Social

Supercharge paid social growth.

The customer acquisition power of paid social is paramount to any successful digital marketing strategy, with highly specific audience data providing targeting opportunities that are simply unavailable elsewhere. Whether it's with established social partners or emerging platforms, our team of experts will maximize your brand's impact and drive significant growth.

Test your way to performance that sticks

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Case Study

High-Performance Social CampaignsWe helped D2C lifestyle brand Hill House Home stand out in the fiercely competitive social space to achieve dream performance results: a 250% increase in new customers.

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Performance Creative

Make it personal with performance creative.

Creative is key to driving strong performance results and reducing ad fatigue. Founded on a rigorous iterative testing methodology, we produce video and design content at scale to deliver your brand’s message in a highly engaging and personalized way. All creative is based on quantitative insights that build brand equity and grow alongside your creative ambition.

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Case Study

High-Performance Ad CreativeLeveraging our insights in creative performance, we partnered with Hatch to help accelerate their creative output and keep up with growing demand.

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Monk Thoughts We produce quantifiable creative that is data-driven and, ultimately, measured by performance.
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Master the customer journey on Amazon & beyond.

Ecommerce marketplaces are dynamic and require skillfully implemented cutting-edge strategies—and for high-growth brands, a performance-first partner is key. We’re a leading team of ecommerce marketplace experts and thought leaders who are fluent in the growth-obsessed mindset. From advertising and content optimization to account management and strategic consulting, we cover every stage of the customer journey.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI